to rile up

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - rile up

"to rile up"

to become or cause to become excited and/or angry


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - rile up

A father is playing with his children just before bedtime ...

Mother:  Why are you getting the children so excited just before bedtime?

Father:  Because we are having a lot of fun chasing around the house.

Mother:  Sure, it may be fun but getting the children to calm down enough so they can sleep is going to be very difficult.

Father:  Sorry to have riled up the kids.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - rile up

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I see that another local variety store has closed.

Friend 2:  Well, what do we expect when we keep letting these big multi-national stores open locations in our neighborhoods?

Friend 1:  I just get so angry with all our local stores going out of business. Some of these stores have been in the same family for generations.

Friend 2:  I know. It riles me up to.

to rile up - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,091   click for frequency by country

to rile up - Gerund Form:

Riling up your spouse may not be the best way to have a peaceful home life.

to rile up - Examples:

1)  Why would you rile up all these people for nothing? 

2)  In NZ, though, the most sure-fire way to rile up the locals would be to build something other than a sandcastle too close to a beach.

3)  It seems to me that this article serves one purpose, to rile up the public and win support for the conservatives.

4)  I have an atheist friend I used to love to rile up.

5)  The whole entitlement idea is a cleverly masked prejudicial slur to rile up those easily misled to hatred.

6)  Arab governments only care about Palestinians in proportion to their ability to rile up the citizenry for better or worse.

7)  Fans are fans; they're supposed to get riled up and excited one way or another.

8)  The squid came real close to me, curious and all riled up. Changing colors and everything.

9)  That got me all riled up, and, you know, I just kicked it with my shoe.

10)  These are sensitive, personal issues, and it's easy to get riled up and confrontational.

11)  If they can get the country riled up over this, they have an almost perfect campaign issue.

12)  Several commenters then started getting riled up to the level of a virtual lynch mob.

13)  I finally realized how riled up I was, and determined to calm down.

14)  I just wish people who are all riled up about the welfare issue would do some research and get informed

15)  At the end of the ramp Shawn and Hunter posed with the belt riling up the already hostile crowd.

16)  Strickland embraced the role of partisan brawler, riling up the convention audience with barbed, populist-themed attacks against Romney.

17)  He'll anger himself into an early grave like most of the listeners he riles up every day.

18)  Personally I like the fact the Beeb riles up both the far left and far right.

19)  Quint's inflection whenever he calls on' Mr. Hooper' riles up the oceanographer.

20)  It was written by Manu Joseph, who apparently riles up a lot of people with his unabashedly opinionated words.