rings a bell

Idiom Definition

"rings a bell"

something sounds familiar to you

Idiom Definition - rings a bell


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

A student is reading a book ...

Student 1:  This passage rings a bell.  I think I've heard it before.  Listen - "Wheresoever you go, so go I."

Student 2:  Of course it sounds familiar, the professor quoted it in class last week.

Student 1:  Oh, right!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

Two friends are talking...

Friend 1:  I saw Leonora yesterday in the mall.

Friend 2:  The name rings a bell.  Who is she?

Friend 1:  You remember. She is an old friend who moved away ten years ago.  We used to play tennis together.

Friend 2:  Right!  I remember her.

Idiom Scenario 3

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

Two businessmen are talking ...

Businessman 1:  Sales are declining and production is rising.

Businessman 2:  That sounds familiar.

Businessman 1:  It should ring a bell for you.  It is the same situation that we experienced five years ago.

Businessman 2:  Right!  Of course.

Idiom Scenario 4

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

Two friends are strolling through an art museum ...

Friend 1:  That sculpture looks familiar.

Friend 2:  Yes, it does ring a bell.  Where have we seen that style before?

Friend 1:  Let's take a look at the explanation card and find out.

Friend 2:  Look!  It was sculpted by Rodin.  That's why it seems familiar.

Idiom Scenario 5

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

Two computer technicians are talking ...

Technician 1:  I'm having a lot of trouble getting this network running.

Technician 2:  What's the matter?

Technician 1:  Every time I boot up the system, I get an undefined error.

Technician 2:  That rings a bell.  Is it an X150 computer?

Technician 1:  Yes.

Technician 2:  Remember last year when we had the same issue with the same system. You need to add that line of extra code.

Technician 1:  Of course!

Idiom Scenario 6

Idiom Definition - rings a bell

Two friends are listening to some music ...

Friend 1:  What is that music?  It sounds so familiar.

Friend 2:  It should ring a bell.  The music was composed by an ex-member of your favorite group.

Friend 1:  Really?  I suppose that's why it sounds so familiar.

rings a bell - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   245   click for frequency by country

rings a bell - Gerund Form:

Having something ring a bell in your mind is usually a good indication that you are familiar with the subject.

rings a bell - Examples:

1)  His name rings a bell, even though this is my first year in the business.

2)  If this rings a bell, you would be right, because you have probably heard of it before.

3)  It rings a bell from a practice question I did.

4)  That passage, unlikely though this seems, rings a bell. Upon consulting my books, I find it quoted, and discussed frequently.

5)  It rings a bell, " I said, scouring my hypoglycemic brain for hints.

6)  Come to think of it, there's something about this case which rings a bell. I think I have another family in the same borough who've experienced the same situation.

7)  For some reason, your name rings a bell to my head. I can't remember exactly why but there must be a reason I remember it.

8)  That video rings a bell. I've seen it somewhere before.

9)  It's about explaining things in a way that rings a bell with the target audience.

10)  Sometimes just an observation that rings a bell and I don't know why it rings a bell but it's worth writing down to see if it rings again.

11)  The notion that he was a failed actor before becoming a writer somehow rings a bell in my mind.

12)  You may not realise it but, whether the name rings a bell or not, you've probably heard London-based singer-songwriter Frank Turner in action.

13)  Chances are at least some of that rings a bell.

14)  A guy telling the girl' you were born for him'... rings a bell? Yep! heard this before in film songs.

15)  Wow, that bathroom towels comment really rings a bell with me.

16)  That name Sergio Escudero rings a bell, and it rings a bell with diving.

17)  If you have read my previous columns, I am certain that name rings a bell.

18)  I wonder what that means because most often nothing of what they talk about rings a bell with me.

19)  I've come more for the socialising. Once they know the name it rings a bell but I have some of my Sri Lankan team-mates not recognising me.

20)  It is, shall I say, a story that rings a bell in my head of the Tortoise & Hare.