to rock the boat

Idiom Definition

"to rock the boat"

to make a challenge to a stable and comfortable situation usually by criticizing or trying to change the situation

Idiom Definition - to rock the boat


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to rock the boat

This is the way we do things.  This is the way we have always done things.  This method is effective.  This method is functional.  Is it the best method?  We don't know.  Is there a better method?  Perhaps there is but this is the way it is.  We fear change.

Don't rock the boat!

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to rock the boat

Four college students are sharing an apartment.  There is only one bathroom and one kitchen.  As such, the students have made a schedule of when each student may use each of the facilities.  The system is working very well and everyone is able to function well in their busy lives.  One day, one of the students calls a meeting and introduces the idea of allowing another student to move in.  This would allow the students to save money by splitting the rent five ways instead of four.

Will allowing another student to move in rock the boat?

to rock the boat - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,273   click for frequency by country

to rock the boat - Gerund Form:

Rocking the boat can often bring about change.

to rock the boat - Examples:

1)  I rock the boat when I challenge the status quo.

2)  You rock the boat when you think change is necessary.

3)  He rocks the boat when he suggests a change at work.

4)  She rocks the boat when she suggests changes to who does the household chores.

5)  The activist group rocks the boat on a daily basis.

6)  We rock the boat when we change established patterns.

7)  You (all) rock the boat when you protest against the government.

8)  They rock the boat when they are frustrated by inaction.

9)  Map it out. Consider factors that could possibly rock the boat, introduce unnecessary turbulence, or even inspire uneasy guests to jump ship.

10)  An only child, my mother never wanted to rock the boat

11) Times are prety good, don't rock the boat

12)  Trying to suggest new ways to do things right from the beginning may rock the boat too much.

13)  Others may have been afraid to rock the boat. Why do students put up with this? 

14)  They say they're happy as is and don't want to rock the boat.

15)  Don't rock the boat unless you have to.

16)  But old school Admiral's don't have the spine to rock the boat and do anything drastic. 

17)  I think the friends of MC have been told to not rock the boat or suffer banishment.

18)  Another lives in an overwhelmingly Christian community, and doesn't want to rock the boat.

19) Shut your mouth and don't rock the boat

20)  It is easier and safer not to rock the boat -- to go along and get by.