to roll out the red carpet

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - roll out the red carpet

"to roll out the red carpet"

to give someone special treatment because you think they are important


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - roll out the red carpet

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How was your vacation?

Friend 2:  Amazing.  The resort we went to really made the effort to treat me like a queen.  I was greeted at the airport with a limousine.  Breakfast in bed every morning.  Laundry service. Everyone was super helpful and the resort included a free spa package.

Friend 1:  They really rolled out the red carpet for you.  That's great.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - roll out the red carpet

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What an amazing trip. Who knew they wanted our business so badly. There was a car waiting for me at the airport. They put me up in a five-star hotel, picked me up each morning and wined and dined me all day. At night, they took me to all the best clubs and we always sat in the VIP areas.

Colleague 2:  I'm jealous. I wish I had the red carpet rolled out for me on business trips.

to roll out the red carpet - Usage:


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to roll out the red carpet - Gerund Form:

Rolling out the red carpet for my boss and his wife when they came to a dinner party is important.

to roll out the red carpet - Examples:

1)  Normally when the TAB see me coming they roll out the red carpet and the ultra-friendly service as they know its people like me that bankroll their business.

2)  They roll out the red carpet when an important dignitary arrives.

3)  We hope you will give us the opportunity to roll out the red carpet and host you again. All the crew will be waiting for you.

4)  In some cities they'd roll out the red carpet for us, but Vancouver makes you work for it, that's for sure.

5)  ... you can expect that every business will roll out the red carpet to appeal to customers and keep up with competitors.

6)  ... influx of wealthy investors from anywhere. I'm ready to roll out the red carpet if they'll put some money in my business so I can finally grow.

7)  But our real hope is that they roll out the red carpet and send their top tier characters to welcome the new handheld.

8)  As is the age-old temptation to roll out the red carpet for more Important people.

9)  With great pomp and circumstance the Palestinians rolled out the red carpet for the first head of state to officially set foot on the territory under their ...

10)  ... wanted the bloggers to have a VIP experience, so we rolled out the red carpet and issued them special' Fashion Lock-in' passes so they could enter the store ...

11)  The Labour Party produced an extension of British imperialism and rolled out the red carpet for privatisation, conveniently forgetting about using the opportunity to repeal anti-trade union laws and ...

12)  Instantly we were relieved of our luggage and the desk clerk rolled out the red carpet. Within five minutes we were given a free room upgrade; spa discount confirmed ...

13)  Sandals Whitehouse rolled out the red carpet for more than 50 teachers from surrounding schools and treated them to a welcome cocktail ...

14)  She really rolled out the red carpet for everyone and we all left with fond memories of our visit to Nigeria

15)  Today we're rolling out the red carpet at Mamamia HQ because we have a real life, A-list celebrity coming to tea.

16)  Why is he rolling out the red carpet for an Islamist hate-monger like Qaradawi?

17)  ... who was putting on a show unrivaled in recent years -- rolling out the red carpet for Cameron by taking him to basketball games and celebrity-filled dinners.

18)  Disney will also upgrade the Steele's family vacation, rolling out the red carpet for them on their visit.

19)  Gentrification has taken Somerville by storm, with the mayor rolling out the red carpet to young professionals, and holding the exit door for the working class.

20)  ... but I see them rolling out the red carpet for commercial and industrial developments. Of course the immediate neighbors still oppose it, ...