(to be) rolling in (the) dough

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - rolling in dough

"(to be) rolling in (the) dough"

to be very rich or wealthy with a lot of money


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - rolling in dough

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I am thinking about starting my own business.

Colleague 2:  Good for you. What's stopping you?

Colleague 1:  I have saved some money but I need quite a bit more to get started.

Colleague 2:  Ask your father. He's rolling in dough. He just bought himself a new yacht, didn't he?

Colleague 1:  My father may be rich but he is not generous.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - rolling in dough

Two friends are talking in a restaurant ...

Friend 1:  Let me pick up the check.

Friend 2:  That was a three hundred dollar meal. Are you rolling in the dough or what?

Friend 1:  I made some really good investments a while back and they have paid off handsomely.

Friend 2:  So you are rich now?

Friend 1:  I have enough money that I will never have to worry about money again.

(to be) rolling in (the) dough - Usage:


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(to be) rolling in (the) dough - Gerund Form:

Rolling in dough, he never had to worry about money.

(to be) rolling in (the) dough - Examples:

1)  The province of Alberta is not exactly rolling in dough at the moment. And its financial future is uncertain.

2)  ... inflation and other complicated terms for your financial woes, Eric is rolling in dough and is breaking every financial rule along the way.

3)  ... of $$$ an agent can potentially save you, so if you're rolling in dough -- it's probably a good shout.

4)  TV networks were rolling in dough, as was the Sylvania automotive lighting division.

5)  But this global pariah is rolling in dough and gave Canada $15 billion to build a fleet of lightweight tanks to ensure domestic ...

6)  ...afford to put $30k/yr for 30 years into super, you're already rolling in dough and don't need any more help.

7)  Even if you're rolling in dough, you want to let people know you've suffered; why do you think ...

8)  Regardless of whether your girlfriend is rolling in dough and throwing a few thousands your way will not hurt her bank account, ...

9)  But Colorado's pot businesses aren't necessarily rolling in dough. Marijuana growers and retailers aren't eligible for the wide variety of tax deductions ...

10)  ... they opened up a restaurant like our handsome hunk they too could be rolling in dough.

11)  He's still rolling in dough and if he wanted, he can produce his own project.

12)  However, if you're rolling in dough or even making a good 5 figures a month; ...

13)  Nobody I know, and I mean nobody, set out to be rolling in dough and see their pixilated picture in the Wall Street Journal. 

14)  ... stresses that he and Murray are not rolling in dough. Their company's profits are mostly reinvested in environmental restoration projects, ...

15)  ... with less money than what they left with. Unless you're already rolling in dough, your retirement and savings accounts might be put on the back burner for a ...

16)  Of course, not all the people students call "professor" are rolling in dough

17)  I think you ought to target the ones that you know are rolling in dough. These are people who are sitting on money.

18)  ... but I feel very safe in stating that they are not rolling in dough, getting rich at the expense of hard-pressed consumers.

19)  Although Gibson says he's rolling in dough now, he was singing a different tune a few months back.

20)  Many were stunned to find out at his death that he was simply rolling in dough. Someone is set to collect the largess in anticipation of a really good life.