to root for

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - root for

"to root for"

to give encouragement and support to someone or something;

to cheer for someone or something


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - root for

Three colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We support and encourage you, Greg. You are the best man for the job!

Greg:  Do you really think that I will get the promotion?

Colleague 2:  You have a great chance at it.  We're rooting for you.

Greg:  Thanks guys.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - root for

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Well, your baseball team is losing pretty badly this season.

Friend 2:  I don't care. I am their number one supporter. I have the utmost confidence and faith in them. I will always root for my home team.

to root for - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   5,226   click for frequency by country

to root for - Gerund Form:

Pulling for the home team is natural.

to root for - Examples:

1)  So many people are rooting for you. You are loved.

2)  I'm not super eloquent, but I'm rooting for you and glad you're here.

3)  Take care. As an animal-lover, I'm rooting for you, your daughter, and the dog.

4)  ... and I am sick and tired of rooting for a underachieving team.

5)  It's great, everyone's rooting for each other. When you're surrounded by positivity, you know you're ...

6)  But I am rooting for you too my friend and you are doing awesome!

7)  I'll be rooting for Showtime's "Homeland" for best drama, even though I love, ...

8)  I'm always rooting for him. I hope he gets back on the field and pitches.

9)  ... a Leafs fan first, and since I live in Calgary, I'll also root for the Flames.

10)  We are playing Florida next week and we will cheer and root for the dawgs that we love.

11)  I can't explain how amazing it is that people are willing to root for me on this intensely personal level.

12)  We are at a point in our culture when we all have to root for grown-up movies, try to encourage them and their creators.

13)  Did you know that your Uncle Shirley used to root for Alabama, but after he came back from the Marines, he switched to ...

14)  But a lot of that bump comes from the huge numbers "Men" rooted for Kutcher's debut back in September, when a whopping 28 million viewers tuned ...

15)  I am especially disappointed for the fans at OT that rooted for him by singing his praises.

16)  Gier said he's fortunate to be on a side that roots for each other.

17)  Our fourth kid lives here too and roots for the Pats.

18)  Hey Sam, just want to say I'm rooting for you to qualify for the YEC for a third year in a row.

19)  Sitting in the middle of this is hard and I am rooting for the best possible outcome for my little girl!

20)  You definitely have me in your corner and I'll be rooting for you and your work!