to run a tight ship

Idiom Definition

"to run a tight ship"

to firmly control a business or other endeavor in an orderly, well-organized and disciplined fashion

Idiom Definition - to run a tight ship


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to run a tight ship

An employee is talking to another employee who has just started working at a company ...

Established Employee:  Welcome to your new job.

New Employee:  Thank you.  I'm glad to have this opportunity.  I can't wait to get started.

Established Employee:  Just a couple of things.  The manager likes everything to be done exactly according to the manual and your job description.  Always keep your desk clean. File all your reports, without error and on time.  Never be late for work and never make personal calls at work.  These are just some of the procedures that will allow you to keep your job.

New Employee:  Sounds like the manager runs a tight ship.

Established Employee:  Absolutely.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to run a tight ship

Two friends are talking about their families ...

Friend 1:  I can't imagine how you manage at home with six children.

Friend 2:  It can get a little hectic sometimes but my wife is very much in control.  She makes rigid schedules and assigns instant punishments for children who do not follow the rules.

Friend 1:   Sounds like your wife runs a pretty tight ship.

Friend 2:  It's the only way we can manage.

to run a tight ship - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   161   click for frequency by country

to run a tight ship - Gerund Form:

Running a tight ship means that there should be fewer problems.

to run a tight ship - Examples:

1)  She runs a tight ship at work.

2)  I am not running a tight ship in the classroom.

3)  Is the company running a tight ship?

4)  Faced with a party of this sort, the Liberals too have to run a tight ship.

5)  First of all, we run a tight ship. We choose our promotions carefully and ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself.

6)  Captain Iggy is known to run a tight ship inside the dressing room as a good Christian leader.

7)  We do have to run a tight ship -- there is no doubt about that.

8)  The production manager, Tony Sheridan, knew how to run a tight ship, keep a schedule and deal with issues head-on.

9)  I have no budget experience (although I run a tight ship at home!) which often lets me down.

10)  We run a tight ship here at FunkyShirt and process orders and answer emails on a daily basis.

11)  I will need you to run a tight ship whilst I am gone and not allow the others to run riot.

12)  He will run a tight ship, drive hard bargains for Rangers and raise the turnover at Ibrox dramatically.

13)  And I also agree that social landlords don't always run a tight ship either. Many fall short of the decent homes standards.

14)  You also have to run a tight ship financially, which requires the advice of tax and financial experts.

15)  If you run a tight ship, you control something strictly and don't allow people much freedom of action.

16)  We get the impression Miss Stewart liked to run a tight ship.

17)  There are lots of people urging the chairman to spend more money but he has run a tight ship.

18)  Many of the European Union's 12 member nations just don't run a tight ship.

19)  Hendry liked to run a tight ship, but Epstein believes that a larger pool of voices makes him better prepared.

20)  The couple aren't always popular with the residents. They run a tight ship and rules are applied without fear or favour.