to run circles around

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - run circles around

"to run circles around"

to greatly outperform;

to be much better than


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - run circles around

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I wonder if I will get the promotion. What do you think?

Colleague 2: You have some very stiff competition in Lisa. In fact, Lisa runs circles around you in almost all aspects of the job.

Colleague 1: For instance?

Colleague 2: She is far superior to you in getting jobs done on time. Her skill-set is far wider than yours and the staff like her far more than you.

Colleague 1: I suppose you are right. I will not even bother to try for the promotion.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - run circles around

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: How was your tennis match with Eric?

Friend 2: He ran circles around me.

Friend 1: How bad did you lose?

Friend 2: He won three straight sets. I think I might have won maybe three games in total.

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to run circles around - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   181   click for frequency by country

to run circles around - Gerund Form:

Running circles around his opponent, he won the match easily.

to run circles around - Examples:

1)  Each Jigsaw/Salesforce user now more productive, would no doubt be able to run circles around other sales reps at their respective companies who wouldn't have access to the ...

2) create an entirely false impression. Unfortunately, many are successful and run circles around opposing counsel and the court.

3)  ...but I've been a professional bartender for 12 years and I can run circles around 90% of the managers I've worked with on the floor.

4)  Sure, the GTI will likely run circles around the Abarth, but in comparison, the execution is so clinical.

5)  Considering what you said about how today's tennis players run circles around the players of yesteryear, today's baseball players are the same way.

6)  I think that with the GPU upgrade the aging Prescott would run circles around BMW's system.

7)  ... the latest generation of compact system cameras still run circles around it - but at least it doesn't feel sluggish.

8)  The Xperia TL and the HTC One X are both available for $100 and run circles around the Escape in terms of both hardware and software. 

9)  They really love the game and were always excited to run circles around me and laugh at my lack of skill.

10)  ... bit intimidated by them. Not in terms of academics, as I could run circles around all of them with my statistics skills.

11)  New business models can literally run circles around their old models, which rely on favorable regulations and rigged markets to stay ...

12)  ... who will ultimately succeed will be those small and nimble enough to innovate and run circles around the former industry giants, with drastically reduced costs and a superior ...

13)  Before my nephews got older and athletic enough to run circles around my generation, they enjoyed coining phrases to explain why the old guys were always better.

14)  Another team with a couple of fast guards could run circles around the slow bigs and dominate the game. 

15)  ... go as far as to say that the PC you're using today would run circles around the PC you were using back in the summer of 2006.

16)  Using carefully planned and flexible troop dispositions, Napoleon was able to run circles around the slower Prussians.

17)  An heirloom tomato picked that morning runs circles around a hybridised tomato picked two weeks ago in Florida and gassed so it turns ...

18)  This tablet runs circles around the Kindle Fire, rivaling many competing Android tablets at twice the price.

19)  We're using a brand new NoSQL database that pretty much runs circles around everything else out there in terms of performance and reliability. 

20)  You started the discussion by saying your $60 a month cloud package runs circles around some dedicated servers.