to run its course

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - run its course

"to run its course"

to develop and finish naturally without interference


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - run its course

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: You have been so ill lately. I'm glad you finally went to see a doctor.

Friend 2: The doctor couldn't do anything for me. He said that there wasn't really any medicine for the common cold and that I would just have to let the illness run its course.

Friend 1: How long?

Friend 2: The doctor said that my cold will naturally go away within a week.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - run its course

A couple are talking ...

Wife: I am so miserable in our relationship. We have grown so far apart that we have no chance at ever making it work.

Husband: I feel the same way. So, if we let our relationship run its course, divorce is the next step?

Wife: I am afraid so. Let's end things now while we still feel amiable towards one another.

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to run its course - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,573   click for frequency by country

to run its course - Gerund Form:

Running its course, the illness will pass naturally within a week.

to run its course - Examples:

1)  As I said above the comments were censored but now the thread has run its course, and ONLY now that few people are reading, critics are able to post ...

2)  ... it was clear to both J and I that our relationship had run its course. In the messy months that followed our split, ...

3)  ... is mainly due to some natural cause, which in 15 years has run its course and reverses. So by 2025 global temperatures start dropping.

4)  Don't try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.

5)  Let this problem run its course without any input from you!

6)  ... eventually do get together, at which point the rumors have pretty much run its course because it's fairly obvious to all onlookers.

7)  I'm really quite apprehensive that the process of deleveraging has far from run its course. There's no floor in sight in the real estate market. 

8)  If capitalism had been allowed to run its course, there would have been no sub-prime mortgage collapse in the first place.

9)  Fortunately, natural selection will run its course and trash like you will fade away. 

10)  For some, it is a flawed relationship that has run its course. Others still find it too hard to say goodbye.

11)  ... leave them to this argument they are having with themselves and let it run its course.

12)  That trend has apparently run its course, and new alignments are forming that will probably last for another 40 years.

13)  ... that the flu bug that hammered the team last week has just about run its course. " The report today was that everyone is getting better and we should be ...

14)  Leave them be and let nature run its course.

15)  But once that is done, and the catharsis has been permitted to run its course, the next thing to pay attention to is what happens next.

16)  We need time to let things run their course, to let things clear, ...

17)  ... viruses that can not be cured with drugs. They simply need to run their course, so there is little your doctor can offer. 

18)  We should not blindly deny death to those whose lives have run their course

19)  I think he has just run his course though and its nearing time for a change as sad as that day will be.

20)  .... it is not ethically wrong to allow mother nature to run her course and allow a human being to die naturally.