to run out of (something)

Idiom Definition

"to run out of (something)"

to continue to use something until there is none remaining

Idiom Definition - to run out of


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to run out of

John has just finished writing an important report for work. The report is due tomorrow.  John is in the middle of printing his report when the printer stops printing.  John looks at the indicator screen on his printer to see a message which says ...

which means that the printer has

run out of paper.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to run out of

The marketing department is having a meeting to brainstorm new ideas for a marketing campaign.  The meeting commences and the leader of the meeting announces the agenda and purpose of the meeting.  A discussion takes place.  After about ten minutes of people suggesting ideas, the room becomes quiet.  After a minute of silence, the leader of the meeting announces ...

"I guess we have run out of ideas!"

The meeting leader glances at the clock on the wall and continues ...

"That's just as well.  I see that we have also run out of time."

Idiom Definition - to run out of

to run out of (something) - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   11,441   click for frequency by country

to run out of (something) - Gerund Form:

Running out of gasoline when you are driving on a highway means that you may have to walk a long way.

to run out of (something) - Examples:

1)  I run out of flour when I do a lot of baking.

2)  You run out of paper when you print very large reports.

3)  He runs out of wine when he has unexpected quests.

4)  She runs out of clean laundry when she forgets to do the laundry on the weekends.

5)  The printer runs out of ink when the ink cartridge is used up.

6)  We run out of patience when the referee makes many bad calls.

7)  You (all) run out of time in the morning when you (all) sleep in late.

8)  They run out of energy after they run five kilometers.

9) Make sure we won't run out of disk space during the process. 

10)  They never run out of wool up in Albany do they?

11)  Consider, for instance, everything that would be lost if Wikipedia really did run out of money, and was shut down.

12)  I knew that someday I'd run out of things to do, things to see.

13) We are headed for the nanny state and we will run out of money and then there will be no free stuff. 

14)  Ultimately banks and businesses would collapse and governments would run out of cash, while the stock market would take an almighty plummet.

15)   Communicate more with people got better mind then you and you will never run out of ideas.

16)  We are running about $100 billion a month in deficit spending, meaning we should run out of money in February. 

17)  What do I do when I run out of toilet paper? 

18)  Many of my medical supplies are due to run out of refills.

19)  Best of all, if you run out of SD card space, just shoot the videos up to the cloud.

20)  The problem with Socialism is you always run out of other people's money.