to run roughshod over

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - run roughshod over

"to run roughshod over"

to treat harshly or domineeringly without regard for the feelings or interests of others


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - run roughshod over

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I know that Bert has seniority over me but I am getting a little tired of him running roughshod over my ideas.

Colleague 2:  Why? What's going on?

Colleague 1:  Well, when I present him with some of my work, his first reaction is to pick out all the flaws and ask me if I shouldn't consider another career. Then he orders me to make changes exactly according to his directions. If I don't follow his orders exactly, he tells me that I am not very intelligent. It would be nice to hear a little constructive criticism once in a while.

Colleague 2:  I suppose that if you truly feel you are being treated too harshly, you could take it up with management.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - run roughshod over

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  The government just expropriated the extra part of my backyard. Apparently, it is needed for an electrical substation.

Friend 2:  And the government can just run roughshod over your interests like that?

Friend 1:  Apparently, it is a law called imminent domain.

Friend 2:  Did they at least give you a good settlement?

Friend 1:  I don't think so. They gave me an amount equal to the assessed value rather than the fair market value.

Friend 2:  I guess you have no choice really. The government has the power.

Friend 1:  Still doesn't feel very nice, though.

to run roughshod over - Usage:


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to run roughshod over - Gerund Form:

Running roughshod over the feelings of your subordinates will not engender harmony.

to run roughshod over - Examples:

1)  ... endanger minority faith schools' right to their defend their ethos and "run roughshod over all of their concerns". 

2)  Unless for emergency situations, the president should never exercise his privileges to run roughshod over extant rules and regulations governing a public institution.

3)  Or, is it in reaction to actions of powerful forces that continue to run roughshod over the legitimate aspirations of the common man?

4)  The main self-inflicted error was allowing the police force top brass to run roughshod over the law in their efforts to silence a whistle blower.

5)  ... are convinced that they are expressing their dissatisfaction against those who seem to run roughshod over their hopes and aspirations.

6)  Fair use is an open invitation for the rapacious tech giants to run roughshod over artists' rights and just rip off whatever they please for free.

7)  But I however frowned upon shameless and unbridled ambition which also seeks to run roughshod over others. 

8)  ... what is important is to maintain a balance so that excessive consumerism does not run roughshod over nature's harmony.

9)  You can't just run roughshod over residents.

10)  ... his tendency to run roughshod over objectors led to the resignations of several seasoned academics and administrators.

11)  There's a lot of clamour about the government running roughshod over families and communities, closing the backcountry down at the whim of environmentalists.

12)  ... with zero regard for the people affected. Running roughshod over existing regulations, not respecting norms, is its modus operandi.

13)  In the process, he is running roughshod over the cherished American principles of pluralism, tolerance and equality.

14)  ... a tendency that often included running roughshod over the interests of other stakeholders and the sensitivities of the general public.

15)  It is the idea that cowboy developers are running roughshod over Melbourne and its planning rules to enrich themselves, rather than the city ...

16)  This decision sets a very dangerous precedent, with the government running roughshod over the will of the local people.

17)  Assertiveness -- a way to convey your thoughts and feelings without running roughshod over the other person or being subservient.

18)  It also means companies running roughshod over cultural values could now find themselves on the wrong end of a social media ...

19)  ... but how would one describe it if it is done at the expense of running roughshod over other well-deserving individuals? 

20)  ... while some Canadian companies have periodically faced accusations of running roughshod over the rights of local indigenous people in developing countries.