to rush to conclusions

Idiom Definition

"to rush to conclusions"

to make an assumption or determination (often erroneous) about a situation without knowing all the facts

Idiom Definition - to rush to conclusions


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to rush to conclusions

Nancy and Patricia are talking over coffee. They are talking about Nancy's husband, Michael ...

Patricia:  What's wrong, Nancy?

Nancy:  It's Michael.  He's been acting strange for a couple of months.

Patricia:  What do you mean?

Nancy:  He says he has been working late at night but when I phone his work, he is not there.  We have not made love in months and I found a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt.  I think he's having an affair.

Patricia:  Well, don't rush to conclusions before you really know the facts.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to rush to conclusions

Barbara is worried that Stewart is not interested in their relationship any more.  Barbara has been sending text messages and e-mails to Stewart all week.  Stewart has not been returning any of the messages.  They had been getting along very well since they met.

Is Barbara rushing to conclusions if she thinks that Stewart is no longer interested?

Is there another explanation why Stewart is not returning Barbara's messages?

to rush to conclusions - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   62   click for frequency by country

to rush to conclusions - Gerund Form:

Rushing to conclusions can cause harm to yourself and others.

to rush to conclusions - Examples:

1)  I rush to conclusions when I make a decision without knowing all the facts.

2)  You rush to conclusions when you react emotionally without testing your assumptions.

3)  He rushes to conclusions when he assumes that something is wrong and he doesn't ask if the facts are true.

4)  She rushes to conclusions when she sees a telephone number on a piece of paper in her husband's jacket pocket.

5)  We rush to conclusions when we assume that the other team will win because the other team has a better record.

6)  You (all) rush to conclusions when anger makes you think unclearly.

7)  They rush to conclusions when they do not test their beliefs.

8) We must not be overcome by the optimism generated by the uprisings and rush to conclusions without a close analysis of what is at stake. 

9) I keep reminding myself to take it slowly and carefully, and not to rush to conclusions about definitions and interpretations. 

10)  I find the rush to conclusions concerning.

11)  Iran has no nuclear weapons program, but I personally don't rush to conclusions before all the realities are clarified.

12)  But wait. If you rush to conclusions, you will go absolutely wrong.

13)  People should not rush to conclusions; one should not be involved in speculation.

14)  The Government asks critics not to pre-judge or rush to conclusions even before the LLRC has issued its report.

15)  He too did not rush to conclusions and sustained his stamina to change to top gear in the last 200m.

16)  Please do not rush to conclusions. I am not painting him holy.

17)  However, don't rush to conclusions yet about my opinion.

18)  It is important not to rush to conclusions from these records as mistakes and errors abound.

19) We all suffer from the temptation to rush to conclusions about people based on superficial cues. 

20)  The loudest voices should be particularly careful not to rush to conclusions.