to salt away

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - salt away

"to salt away"

to reserve, store or save for future use


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - salt away

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: We have a problem. We are five thousand units short for tomorrow's shipment.

Colleague 2: No problem. Remember when things were slow a couple of months back and we ended up overproducing for a couple of weeks? We salted away ten thousand units in Warehouse B for just such a situation as this.

Colleague 1: Great. So we are OK for tomorrow. We can take the five thousand units that we are short from Warehouse B.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - salt away

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I can't believe that you are retiring at only the age of fifty.

Friend 2: My grandmother taught me to salt away a little of everything I earn. So I have been saving from the time I had my very first part-time job. Some careful investments along the way and, yes, I am retiring young.

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to salt away - Usage:


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to salt away - Gerund Form:

Salting away a little money for emergencies is a good idea.

to salt away - Examples:

1)  Interest rates are down - bad news for those with money salted away great news for mortgage holders, builders etc.

2)  ... seeing that rich Indians and politicians have salted away billions in Swiss bank accounts since independence.

3)  It is estimated that $20-$30 trillion is salted away in tax havens, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars to public.

4)  ... continuing into whether Mr Rusnak has any hidden assets in which he might have salted away a portion of the missing money.

5)  It is going to be far more difficult in future for wealthy Greeks to salt away their assets in foreign banks.

6)  Millions of pounds are still unaccounted for and are thought to be salted away in bank accounts around the world. 

7)  The mythical upright soldier was discovered to have salted away a sum one judge estimated at $28m.

8)  Nothing for it but to head for Euston and the echoing warehouse where they salt away this stuff. And all because of 12 measly pence.

9)  ... need a government top-up from taxpayers' money so overpaid executives and shareholders can salt away their profits in tax havens?

10)  ... in question is the $3,000 hike in the amount every adult will be allowed to salt away in an Individual Savings Account or Isa.

11)  ... that it has developed the ideal model to rescue lower-income workers and enable them to salt away sufficient money to make a difference to them in retirement.

12)  Millions of pounds are still unaccounted for and are thought to be salted away in bank accounts around the world.

13)  ... quarter of last year, $11.20 out of every $100 of disposable income was being salted away for an even rainier day.

14)  ... is said to conceal a chest of gold salted away a thousand years ago by one of the first Norse settlers. 

15)  ... apron, and pressed 20 folded pound notes into my hand that she'd somehow salted away. But she was too distressed to utter any words. 

16)  ... but much of it must have been salted away and is reflected in the current high level of savings.

17)  ... higher discretionary spending and an improved lifestyle as well, but only after you have salted away bigger chunks for long-term goals. 

18)  If you have saved for dependents: If you have salted away enough to support your dependents, say, a spouse, after your death ...

19)  A college education is not a quantitative body of memorized knowledge salted away in a card file.

20)  ... on top of having cut their spending, paid down debt, and started salting away more cash during the past two years, many of the 9,218 employees in ...