to save for a rainy day

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - save for a rainy day

"to save for a rainy day"

to save something, usually money, for a possible unexpected future need


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - save for a rainy day

Two business partners are talking ...

Partner 1: Business is doing really well. Let's spend some of the profits on an office remodel.

Partner 2: Maybe we are doing well in this moment but we never know what emergency or downturn is coming. I think we should save at least half the profits for a rainy day.

Partner 1: You are right. That is very prudent thinking.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - save for a rainy day

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Are we going to go on an exotic holiday or buy a new car with your bonus this year?

Husband: Neither. We are going to save it for a rainy day.

Wife: But you are doing so well at work and everything looks really good.

Husband: I am not so sure about that. I am starting to get a little concerned with the way things are going at work. I think we should be prepared for the day when I might be temporarily out of work.

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to save for a rainy day - Usage:


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to save for a rainy day - Gerund Form:

Saving for a rainy day is prudent when a person wants to be prepared for possible tough times.

to save for a rainy day - Examples:

1)  Improve your wealth through these saving tips; Save for a rainy day. As the Greece crisis has shown us, financial emergencies can hit hard.

2)  I have a hobby box full of recipes that I save for a rainy day.

3)  Balance the books, pay as you go, save for a rainy day.

4)  You also need to save for a rainy day. Typically a profit margin of 10-15% is a good place to start.

5)  ... and make small choices to prepare for retirement, to save for a rainy day, to take care of our children. Nothing is wrong with these, ...

6)  Self-control is what enables us to maintain healthy habits, save for a rainy day, and get important things done.

7)  Did we save for a rainy day, or did we live in the short term only?

8)  Even families that save for a rainy day need the protection provided by insurance.

9)  ... year fixed rate bond is an attractive option for people looking to save for a rainy day or put money aside for their retirement.

10)  So what do you do - you save for a rainy day as you know the day of reckoning is coming.

11)  When debt-free I will look to save for a rainy day to have something set aside.

12)  ... the first three months of 2012, but most people opted to save for a rainy day rather than spend their extra cash, the figures have indicated.

13)  ... you worked for 29years and did not save for a rainy day or bad times, then the more fool you.

14)  Therefore, maybe you should save for a rainy day, and not pretend that you are going to win the lottery to solve ...

15)  Save something for a rainy day and don't spend more than you are taking in. 

16)  To lead a healthy financial life you need to save money for a rainy day.

17)  I don't mind them partying, but hey, save some for a rainy day.

18)  My dad taught me to live below my means and to save for a rainy day

19)  I like to collect stuff or save things for a rainy day.

20)  This has the advantage to encourage recipients to save for a rainy day and also not carry around cash which can be easily lost or stolen.