to save someone's bacon

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - save someone's bacon

"to save someone's bacon"

to escape from or help someone else escape from a difficult, dangerous or unpleasant situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - save someone's bacon

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Here it is one hour before my big presentation and I need two hours to finish the cross-analysis graph. I'm in trouble.

Colleague 2:  No problem.  I worked on the graph last night.  I'll email it to you.

Colleague 1:  Really?  Thanks a lot.  You really saved my bacon.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - save someone's bacon

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  How was your camping trip?

Friend 2:  It was exciting but dangerous. We had a grizzly bear threaten our camp.

Friend 1:  What happened?

Friend 2:  Well, Jane twisted her ankle and couldn't get away. I tried to help her but I really needed some help.

Friend 1:  Where was Jarrod?

Friend 2:  He ran away to save his own bacon.

Friend 1:  What a coward!

to save someone's bacon - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   277   click for frequency by country

to save someone's bacon - Gerund Form:

Saving your best friends bacon when he gets into trouble is what friends do.

to save someone's bacon - Examples:

1)  ... choosing to be the hangman of his companions in order to save his bacon.

2)  Basahar has one opportunity to save his bacon and his name from the blood bath that started in his name.

3)  ... unsure as to whether he would tell the truth at the inquest or save his bacon.

4)  ... in a face-saving act by my boss, who decided to save his bacon by putting all the blame on me.

5)  Think Saints need a man with far more experience than EH to save their bacon this season ...

6)  The corporate hierarchy usually shifts such problems to others and tries to save their bacon

7)  Assuming that people do not lie to save their bacon, ...

8)  In my experience a checklist can really save your bacon from embarrassment.

9)  Running away might also save your bacon but it won't save the loved ones you protect for which you have a ...

10)  ... but in a time of civil unrest, avoiding a roadblock could save your bacon.

11)  I like to know whether I'm lying to save the bacon of a tosser or a moron.

12)  ... implemented in the monetary policy of the United States two years ago to save the bacon of free enterprise capitalist America.

13)  ... detour to Eugene to visit the kind folks (who've helped and saved my bacon several times) who supply me with after-market parts for my DR650.

14)  Pooja often made sure that she took half the blame and saved my bacon.

15)  ... it's saved my bacon on 2 occasions in the past 18mnths from sudden hard drive failures.

16)  On quite a few occasions they saved my bacon and even helped me out with money.

17)  I always appreciate how you guys saved my bacon by deleting the evidence.

18)  He had developed a motto that had saved his bacon on many occasions -- risk is a dish best served to others.

19)  When his boat sank, Tom saved his bacon by clinging to a life preserver until a passing ship rescued him.

20)  She had better win her argument with Osborne if she hopes to save her bacon.