to seal the deal

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - seal the deal

"to seal the deal"

to solidify, finalize, or decide upon an agreement or the terms thereof


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - seal the deal

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Well? Did they sign the contract?

Colleague 2:  They did.

Colleague 1:  That's great. I didn't think it was going to happen. What sealed the deal?

Colleague 2:  I offered them better credit terms and they signed the contract.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - seal the deal

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Do you really think we can get along as roommates?

Friend 2:  Sure. Why not?

Friend 1:  What about financial issues?

Friend 2:  We will split the rent and all the expenses fifty-fifty.

Friend 1:  And what about apartment upkeep and cleaning?

Friend 2:  We clean up our own messes, do our own laundry and hire a service to do the heavy cleaning once a week.

Friend 1:  Sounds perfect. Let's have a beer to seal the deal.

to seal the deal - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,253   click for frequency by country

to seal the deal - Gerund Form:

Sealing the deal after weeks of negotiations sure felt good.

to seal the deal - Examples:

1)  But like any booming industry, there are, indeed, ways to seal the deal (or preferably, all deals). Through time immemorial, guidelines ...

2)  If doing the test would seal the deal, I'd swallowed my fear and go for it.

3)  ... are second to none in terms of facilities and fan support, and often can seal the deal when players and their families see the campus in person.

4)  Toshiba believes such a fund would be keen to seal the deal before the end of financial year on March 31.

5)  ... and an undertaking for both parties to sign to seal the deal. The source said: "Its all over now and I ...

6)  If he is hired by San Francisco as expected -- a second interview that should seal the deal was scheduled.

7)  Those running the campaign machinery believe that this is a strong positive campaign that will seal the deal in voters' mind as to why they should pick the Congress.

8)  The artiste who hails from Kogi state was in Japan recently to seal the deal which covers branding and promotion of her works. 

9)  ... why we want to sign him. Our representatives are in Nairobi to try and seal the deal, and we hope by Monday he will be our player. 

10)  After going 18 games without one, Rashford scored twice in four minutes to seal the deal on an emphatic win.

11)  A personal phone call from Pep sealed the deal and Jesus, 19, signed on the dotted line.

12)  ... finally coming out on top in the fifth set, breaking into tears as he sealed the deal on his fifth Australian Open title.

13)  A visit to the university with my parents had sealed the deal and I decided to go there.

14)  The future bass hook, in all its pitched-up vocal loveliness, is what sealed the deal for us.

15)  I received my first flying lesson aged 13 and that sealed the deal! I began to research a possible career in aviation.

16)  The pair had a couple of pints, sealed the deal with a handshake and the next day, Kelly paid the rates as ...

17)  Talks began in 2011, and the two sides sealed the deal in July 2013. Switzerland is the first continental European country to conclude ...

18)  But we were sincere and established that it was never primarily about business. What sealed the deal was our same advocacy and passion to share this not only in the ...

19)  The aesthetics and a solid rate of return on the investment sealed the deal for Proffutt, said Steve Swiontek, the board's chairman.

20)  My buddy Robert had his stolen a while back and had just sealed the deal on a new one.