to see red

Idiom Definition

"to see red"

to feel very angry;

to feel rage

Idiom Definition - to see red


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to see red

Traffic has been bad for the last few days. When Martha drove to work this morning, all the other drivers were acting very rude and driving erratically. The other drivers were cutting in front of Martha and making rude gestures to her. Martha arrived at work with an angry look on her face. Her coworkers asked Martha what was troubling her. Martha, who usually keeps her coworkers at arm's length, was so upset that she replied...

"I was so angry in traffic this morning that I saw red"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to see red

My computer had a virus. It stopped working. I took it to the computer repairman and he fixed it. My computer crashed again. When I think of all the hackers in the world who maliciously spread viruses...

I see red!

I become very angry when I think about these people.

to see red - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,005   click for frequency by country

to see red - Gerund Form:

Seeing red means that you will probably do something that you will regret later.

to see red - Examples:

1) When I am angry about something intense, I often only want to see red

2)  Thus your tenants will, over a few years, accumulate enough stress to see red, and will move out and tell their friends to hate your tower.

3)   The headline alone was enough for yogis to see red. Broad said the hate mail poured in.

4)  After the events of last night, Joel sees red. Will he be able to forgive Theresa?

5)  Tom sees red when he sees Ricky kiss his sister right in front of him.

6)  Obama remains a hero of the very same set that sees red whenever Israel fires a missile or a gun.

7)  Sumariwalla also sees red about people pointing fingers at officials and saying they do not stand by athletes.

8)  But there are also times when love is a bullfighter. When it sees red, when it gets angry, when it seethes and seeks to fight.

9)  He told him to shut up. When he didn't, my friend saw red, and dragged him off the bus at the next stop.

10)  Madonna, who is currently in America, saw red when a photographer got too close. The singer, now 50, shouted abuse.

11)  I am sorry if I have offended you, not my intention.... I just saw red and blurted.

12)  Dad-of-five Neil Park, 54, saw red when he was turned away from watching his son George, 12, play rugby.

13)  That did it. Ginny saw red. # Without warning, she grabbed Harry's wrist.

14)  On this rare occasion, I absolutely saw red and pummelled the scumbag - something I have not done before or since.

15)  Well, I saw red and the before I knew what I was doing, I'd managed to lose my temper.

16)  He offered me a ten cent hourly raise. For a moment, I saw red. I didn't do anything and my supervisor started speaking angrily on my behalf.

17)  I saw red and wrote a screed in response.

18)  I had to leave the room before the I saw red.

19)  I was first called that for real, I lost it. I saw red. I felt so violated by that word.

20)  Then he bragged about the fact that his was better than mine. I saw red.