to see through something

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - see through something

"to see through something"

to recognize that something is not true and not be deceived by it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - see through something

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Our  main competitor has lowered their prices. Aren't we going to lower our prices to beat theirs?

Colleague 2:  No. I can see through their plan.

Colleague 1:  And what is their plan?

Colleague 2:  They will keep lowering their prices until we are in financial trouble and then launch a hostile takeover. They have far more capital than we do and we simply could not sustain a price war.

Colleague 1:  How very perceptive of you.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - see through something

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you not enjoying the magic show?

Friend 2:  Not really. I used to study the art of illusion and I can see through all the tricks. I know how they are performed.

Friend 1:  For instance?

Friend 2:  When the magician makes the person in the box disappear, there is simply a trap door in the floor which the person drops through.

to see through something - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   8,534   click for frequency by country

to see through something - Gerund Form:

Seeing through his lies she refused to give him another chance.

to see through something - Examples:

1)  It requires the discerning readership to see through the luminous whole with the mind's eye to appreciate its inner motive.

2)  Dickens is perfectly able to see through the falseness of some seasonal jollification.

3)  ... half-baked development schemes and are playing politics. The people are smart enough to see through this.

4)  While some people can see through all of this for what it is - marketing baloney - there will be others ...

5)  ... they too would see through the doublespeak of their self-serving masters and deliver them a crushing repudiation.

6)  ... the public tends to see through the sort of manufactured nonsense that normally serves as a prelim for nights like tonight.

7)  You'd have to have been born yesterday to not see through his ruse.

8)  ... are eminently qualified to see through the smokescreen of baseless allegations being passed off as an appeal to shareholders.

9)  People won't tell you what they're going through so be sensitive and see through the facade. 

10)  People are beginning to understand her game and are able to see through her ruse.

11)  ... while impatiently waiting in the wings, they will wake up and see through all the spin, indoctrination and brainwashing.

12)  Keeping these myths in mind will allow you to see through the hype and understand in realistic terms what the cloud can offer to your organisation.

13)  People will see through it in no time, right? We have an educated population.

14)  ... if you try to put on a show, people can see through that. If you're honest with yourself and honest with other people, ...

15)  ... spare us the details of your fake story. # Even the blind can see through the lies you just told.

16)  It is a smart but not too smart a move, because some people see through all their evil plans. These false indictments of the ...

17)  But the people see through the charade.

18)  Sure, some burglars might see through this, but it's better than not doing anything and making it obvious your ...

19)  We can see through all the 'pseudo' and 'fraudulent' rationality they claim they have.

20)  ... but the peace loving and highly tolerant people have the political sagacity to see through their game plan and thus foil all their misadventures.