(it) seems to me

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - seems to me

"(it) seems to me"

I think that;

I believe that


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - seems to me

Two friends are watching a baseball game ...

Friend 1:  I think that my team is going to win. You might as well get your ten dollars ready to pay me.

Friend 2:  Wait a minute.  There are still two innings left in the game and my team's best hitter is about to bat.  It seems to me that my team still has a chance to win.

Friend 1:  You can believe what you want.  Just have your money ready.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - seems to me

Two mechanics are talking ...

Mechanic 1:  This is a real tricky problem. I think the trouble is in the electrical system.

Mechanic 2Seems to me to be in the fuel system.

Mechanic 1:  You check the fuel system and I'll check the electrical system and we'll find out who's correct.

Mechanic 2:  OK.

(it) seems to me - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   24,866   click for frequency by country

(it) seems to me - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for it seems to me.

(it) seems to me - Examples:

1)  This would seem to me to bring the profession into disrepute.

2)  The structure of this book reflects the fact that both of these claims now seem to me to be mistaken.

3)  It seem to me that everyone was running around with blinders on.

4)  These two issues seem to me to be the place where a pub house can really shine and remain ...

5)  And it didn't seem to me that he was trying to help him in any way.

6)  It has always seemed to me that without an economy that is functioning you really have nothing going for ...

7)  ... it always seemed to me that I was not destined to die here.

8)  That's what it seemed to me anyway.

9)  It has always seemed to me that evolutionary mechanisms should select for living forms that respond to nature's ...

10)   The opening ceremony always seemed to me an especially out of place element of the Olympics.

11)  It seems to me that Jesu addressed the issue, and you ignored it.

12)  For backup support, it seems to me that one area that needs shoring up is textbook material on climate change ...

13)  It seems to me that the Christian Gospels are read any way you like, and especially ...

14)  There's no deep meaning to it, but it seems to me that Canadian Politics has been more eccentric and less stable than the Democrats ...

15)  Seems to me, it would be easier and cheaper to build a few refineries than ...

16)  But conceptual role on its own seems to me inadequate to explain our ordinary understanding.

17)  With so many people publishing their own work, it seems to me that that's the next step for lots of authors.

18)  It seems to me that most of our lifetime decisions or questions come from the head/heart mismatch ...

19)  That is a separate issue, of course, but it seems to me that it isn't fair to single Obama out for something that is ...

20)  Your point of trying to prove me wrong seems to me like it's proving me even more correct.