to set someone straight

Idiom Definition

"to set someone straight"

to inform someone about the actual facts of a situation when that someone does not have the actual facts or is ill-informed

Idiom Definition - to set someone straight


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to set someone straight

Your boss has asked you to work yet another Saturday.  Your boss has been asking you to work Saturdays for the last three months.  You are a busy person.  Perhaps your boss does not realize that you have a life outside work.

Perhaps you need to set your boss straight.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to set someone straight

One of your friends saw you at a restaurant with a woman who is not your wife.  Your friend thinks that he saw you being intimate with the woman.  Your friend has been telling all your other friends that he saw you with another woman.  The fact is that the "other woman" is your niece visiting from out of town.

You need to set your friends straight.

to set someone straight - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   454   click for frequency by country

to set someone straight - Gerund Form:

Setting someone straight can be a first step in being more assertive.

to set someone straight - Examples:

1)  I set my friends straight when they think I like to party every weekend.

2)  You set your boss straight when she thinks you like to work overtime.

3)  He sets his wife straight when she spends too much money.

4)  She sets the bus driver straight when he is rude.

5)  The government sets the public straight on its policies regarding privacy of information.

6)  We set our coach straight when he thinks we do not work hard enough.

7)  You (all) set me straight when I do not have the facts.

8)  They set the world straight when the magazine reporters report false information.

9)  She's a wealth of health knowledge and precisely who I needed to set me straight.

10)  So relieved to have Gail in my life now to set me straight and to teach me how to live on less and still have a blast.

11)  I trust my dear readers to set me straight as needed.

12)  MacLean called primarily to set me straight on the facts as he saw them.

13)  If I am saying something wrong about your beloved soap opera, please set me straight. In other words, answer my previous question.

14)  If anybody else more connected to the mental health profession could set me straight, I'd be grateful.

15)  I am just missing something and someone here can set me straight.

16)  If I am wrong about this, please reply and set me straight.

17) Thank you for taking the time to set me straight

18) Aren't you going to set me straight about Rice's education, experience, and, most importantly, accomplishments? 

19)  I really appreciate that I have a group of colleagues willing to set me straight when I need it.

20)  She knew how to set me straight without making me wrong or bad.