to shake a leg

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - shake a leg

"to shake a leg"

to hurry; to move faster;

to dance


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - shake a leg

A couple are talking:

Girlfriend:  Our plane leaves in two hours and traffic to the airport is really bad at this time of day.

Boyfriend:  Then we had better shake a leg.

Girlfriend:  I'm ready.  Let's go.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - shake a leg

A grandmother and grandson are talking at a party ...

Grandson:  Are you going to ask Grandpa to shake a leg?

Grandmother:  This song is not really what we are used to dancing to.

Grandson:  I'll ask the DJ to put on a swing number. Then you can dance with Grandpa.

Grandmother:  Thank you dear.

to shake a leg - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   115   click for frequency by country

to shake a leg - Gerund Form:

Shaking a leg, they rushed to catch their plane.

Shaking a leg, they danced all night.

to shake a leg - Examples:

1)  Sikh to head the Indian army also briefly joined the dance floor to shake a leg.

2)  We now sometimes use shake a leg to mean 'hurry up'. 

3)  Before that though shake a leg had another meaning, which was 'to dance'.

4)  Nearly every man in town able to shake a leg has purchased a ticket.

5)  ... children can shake a leg in the disco or enjoy other live entertainment ...

6)  Was she nervous to shake a leg with Dev, who is known to be a brilliant dancer?

7)  We Indians have uncomplicated programming needs: pray, then shake a leg in the morning, watch sob stuff in the afternoon, ...

8)  It seems everyone wanted to sing a song and shake a leg.

9)  After taking a break from the show, the 26-year-old went on to shake a leg on dance reality show.

10)  Christian faithful now have a chance to shake a leg to gospel music all night long in a disco club that plays only gospel music.

11)  If you're the sort of person who likes to shake a leg and dance the night away then Colombo has got just the thing for you.

12)  For people who love to shake a leg there are dance floors and live performances by belly dancers.

13)  Now and then, one of you gets to the dance floor to shake a leg with any of the many ladies who would otherwise be dancing alone.

14)  The music of the song forces you to shake a leg along with it.

15)  Celebrate our culture as you listen -- or shake a leg -- to traditional musical performances at a venue along The Crooked Road.

16)  George can be seen shaking a leg as he takes to the centre of the dance floor and proves ...

17)  Moreover, she was pleased to be shaking a leg with Venkatesh in this song.

18)  ... actor who claims that he 'loves dancing' but was last seen shaking a leg on screen for the song ...

19)  Preity is also seen shaking a leg or two with the dishy hunk.

20)  ... is a number that is worth shaking a leg for its quirkiness and foot tapping beats.