to shake in your boots

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - shake in your boots

"to shake in your boots"

to be very frightened or anxious


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - shake in your boots

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: There is big trouble brewing in the office today.

Colleague 2:  I heard that the boss is calling each of us in to her office individually. Someone is going to get fired.

Colleague 1:  Look at Phillip. He is shaking in his boots. Do you suppose he has done something?

Colleague 2:  He does look very frightened and a little guilty.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - shake in your boots

A couple are talking ...

Girlfriend:  Let's go to the zoo today.

Boyfriend:  OK, but no snakes. Snakes make me shake in my boots.

Girlfriend:  You're afraid of snakes?

Boyfriend:  Terrified.

to shake in your boots - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   133   click for frequency by country

to shake in your boots - Gerund Form:

Shaking in your boots is normal when a hurricane is advancing.

to shake in your boots - Examples:

1)  ... terrific and fearsome spurts of pure energy that left batsmen shaking in their boots.

2)  ... are unlikely to be shaking in their boots, however, because the fact is that nobody is obliged to obey ...

3)  Alaskan oilfield employees are shaking in their boots, and not just because of the recent earthquake.

4)  ... and some seem to be shaking in their boots at the sights of hordes of desperate Africans flooding their shores, ...

5)  ... every last one of these miserable, cowardly hypocrites is currently shaking in their boots, scared to death that people will begin digging up their old ...

6)  I'd be shaking in my boots because he can see the tidal wave coming his way. 

7)  It scared me half to death. I was shaking in my boots when I opened up that (citation) letter.

8)  At this point I was shaking in my boots. I was absolutely concerned they were going to plant something in my aircraft.

9)  I was terrified the moment I met her. I was shaking in my boots.

10)  ... who was shaking in his boots, replied in a tremulous voice ...

11)  ... is shaking in his boots at the thought of Ankita finding out about his hot and steamy kissing scenes with ...

12)  I'm guessing he's shaking in his boots job security-wise, as well he should be.

13)  Yet a handful of Jihadi terrorists has much of America shaking in its boots, running to gun stores seeking protection from their neighbors, ...

14)  ... responded that heights, and -- yes -- snakes make them shake in their boots.

15)  ... descriptions of the potential worst-case H5N1 scenarios about which most flu scientists shake in their boots.

16)  While you won't be shaking in your boots with terror at this cult classic, ...

17)  Perhaps you are the groom or best man already shaking in your boots at the thoughts of speaking in public?

18)  ... very tall and muscled, darkly looming over a poor wee girl shaking in her boots.

19)  I am not entirely sure why her presence caused me to shake in my boots. Maybe it was her Type A personality, her imposing height or ...

20)  Also, when we're scared, we literally shake in our boots.