(to be) short-sighted

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - short-sighted

"(to be) short-sighted"

to not consider what will or might happen in the future


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - short-sighted

Two managers are talking ...

Manager 1:  I think I am going to fire John.

Manager 2:  Really? Because of one small mistake? Don't you think that may be a little short-sighted of you?

Manager 1:  You may be right. John has been an outstanding performer for years. We would have a very difficult time getting the job done without him.

Manager 2:  Perhaps some sort of disciplinary action would be better. Keep John on and benefit from his continued success. You can always fire him later if necessary.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - short-sighted

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  Make sure you take your umbrella.

Husband:  It's a beautiful sunny day. I don't need an umbrella.

Wife:  The weather is very changeable here. Don't be short-sighted. You are going to be out all day. If it rains, you will regret not taking your umbrella.

Husband:  OK. I'll put my compact umbrella in my day pack.

(to be) short-sighted - Usage:


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(to be) short-sighted - Gerund Form:

Being short-sided, the manager used all available resources to deal with the current crisis.

(to be) short-sighted - Examples:

1)  They should not be based on a short-sighted view but with consideration for the overall common good and a concern for all people.

2)  With fans being very short-sighted, it's hard to keep an eye on the future.

3)  To overlook this clinical and patient-centric need through preoccupation to' price capping' is short-sighted.

4)  Sometimes, people can be so short-sighted that they don't see the long-term ramifications of their actions.

5)  Only the short-sighted can fail to see the emerging threats to national security at the strategic level.

6)   ... had taken a "short-sighted, counterproductive, even callous" approach to the crisis, risking grave long-term repercussions.

7)  ... also argues that frequent polls impact policymaking as "short-sighted populist measures" are given higher priority before elections.

8)  ... but few in government seem to care. Politicians are short-sighted. Their biggest concern is the next election cycle.

9)  Predictions of the demise of the nation-state's power were yet again short-sighted, as governments increasingly assert their control of the internet.

10)  ... said it was a short-sighted financial plan and the money would be better invested in paying down debt. 

11)  ... shown patience where the traditional way of doing things in Winnipeg in the past was short-sighted decisions in the sense of firing staff and bringing in new people.

12)  Selling off public assets is short-sighted and may produce a small stimulus of cash, but will lead to long term ...

13)  For him, the city divesting itself of the building would be a short-sighted move. "I don't believe we've fully explored some of our options."

14)  As a former head of young people's programmes, I am dismayed by the short-sighted decision to cease production of children's programmes.

15)  The nuclear energy strategies of France and the U.K. are short-sighted, expensive and very risky, and citizen-owned solar and wind schemes should be the ...

16)  That policy, in hindsight, was short-sighted and did more damage than good to the economy.

17)  ... which is being delivered over 10 years, spans far beyond any of these short-sighted motivations.

18)  Relying on one medium of communication is short-sighted.

19)  The public and even the private sector are underestimating the risks because we are too short-sighted in our decision-making.

20)  Kicking an outstanding player when he's down is both narrow-minded, and short-sighted.