to show your true colors

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - show your true colors

"to show your true colors"

to reveal your true character, as you really are, rather than as the person you appear to be


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - show your true colors

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  What's Jacob doing in the boss's office?

Colleague 2:  He doesn't want to get into trouble over the latest fiasco so, even though he was as much a part of it as all of us, he is busy accusing us of causing the fiasco while absolving himself entirely.

Colleague 1:  And Jacob seemed like one of us, that he was a good and loyal team mate.

Colleague 2:  It is often when there is trouble that a person shows their true colors.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - show your true colors

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  I thought Sally was one of your best friends.

Friend 2:  So did I.

Friend 1:  Then where is she when you need her most in this time of great personal crisis?

Friend 2:  I haven't seen nor heard from her at all.

Friend 1:  Ouch! I guess Sally is showing her true colors.

to show your true colors - Usage:


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to show your true colors - Gerund Form:

Showing your true colors often happens through your actions rather than your words.

to show your true colors - Examples:

1)  ... mental development over the season. That's why quarterbacks tend to show their true colors in their second seasons. 

2)  People kind of show their true colors in situations like that and a lot of people reached out to me.

3)  ... being used as puppets by those who are too coward to show their true colors.

4)  In this slide show, we take a look at the ways liars show their true colors.

5)  ... characters that are easy to identify with almost immediately who gradually show their true colors as the show goes on.

6)  What happened instead seemed to see Trump show his true colors with regard to what he really thinks about Black people when not reading from a script.

7)  ... you just have to unmask him and show his true colors and people will see the light.

8)  Allowing the man to lead lets him to show his true colors. How much time does he want to spend with you? How long does ...

9)  ... the patient lives in fear of the moment when the therapist will show his true colors and exploit, humiliate, and/or reject him or her.

10)  Don't ever hide behind a mask -- show your true colors! You always get caught in a lie when you try to conceal something.

11)  It's important that you show your true colors in a relationship. If there's no honesty or transparency, there can be ...

12)  Or you will eventually show your true colors and have to renegotiate the relationship from the new perspective. Be yourself from the ...

13)  ... it's hard to show your true colors. It's hard to be yourself at first with people you want to impress ...

14)  If you show your true colors, you reveal to others intentions, aspects of your personality, or behavioral traits ...

15)  I'd say I could see me forgiving her. But Sarah showed her true colors, and it's unlikely I'll be able to trust her again.

16)  The pat answer here is to talk about how Stone shows his true colors in that scene, that he reveals himself to be every bit the money-grubbing huckster ...

17)  ... seems like the self-interested type, but ultimately shows his true colors by aiding the Free French.

18)  In what was a fairly major twist, Mengsk betrays everyone and shows his true colors as a tyrant.

19)  His stance was not a surprise to others because Roxas was just showing his true colors as a member of the elite who is out of touch with the sufferings of ...

20)  After a beautiful yet brief honeymoon period, he is finally showing his true colors to his beloved as well. The aggressiveness in his personality was fuelled further by ...