to shy away from

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - shy away from

"to shy away from"

to avoid;

to evade


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - shy away from

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Have you been following the election?

Friend 2:  Yes and I'm trying to understand why all the politicians are avoiding the most important issues.

Friend 1:  I think they shy away from the difficult issues because those issues are so controversial and can cost votes if they upset people.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - shy away from

Two coworkers are talking ...

Coworker 1:  Wow, that new intern the company hired is really great.

Coworker 2:  I know. She is always the first to volunteer for doing the difficult tasks. In fact, she even asks for more work all the time.

Coworker 1:  Yes, she never shies away from hard work.

to shy away from - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   5,661   click for frequency by country

to shy away from - Gerund Form:

Shying away from things your are not comfortable with is natural.

to shy away from - Examples:

1)  Usually a kid like that would shy away from the things that would potentially expose their weakness.

2)  Social users shy away from Facebook in favor of Pinterest.

3)  Why would you shy away from loving someone just because they're like you?

4)  Taiwanese tend to shy away from speaking English unless it is already at a certain level.

5)  Don't shy away from trying something new. Scared of meeting new people?

6)  Such a team member does not shy away from making a point but makes it in the best way possible.

7)  The writing is direct and honest. The author does not shy away from ridiculing himself at times.

8)  She does not shy away from the truth behind the old-fashioned methodologies of institutions.

9)  Kudos to Parenthood for never shying away from the real stuff that life throws at you! 

10)  The Post, the company I co-founded, focuses on entrepreneurs and small businesses while shying away from community projects and fund my life campaigns.

11)  EU leaders are shying away from them because they could put sovereign debt at risk.

12)  Could shying away from the sun increase our risk of melanoma?

13)  Lovelady stuck to the truth at the start, shying away from the media and refusing to have his picture taken.

14)  I have no shame about my background and I'm not shying away from it, but I'd rather be judged personally on my own merit.

15)  None of the situations or actions are shied away from, though none of them are revelled in either.

16)  Amanda has never shied away from making political statements with her work.

17)  Dylan's never shied away from misrepresenting himself to the media, and even admitted to doing so.

18)  My other union friends shied away from me as though something was going to rub off on them.

19)  We've never shied away from a discussion of robots on this program.

20)  Both candidates, it must be noted, have shied away from mentioning climate change recently.