to skate close to the edge

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - skate close to the edge

"to skate close to the edge"

to do something that comes close to breaking a law or rule but not actually breaking the law or rule;

to exhibit questionable moral or ethical behavior


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - skate close to the edge

Two lawyers are talking ...

Lawyer 1:  So, if we transfer assets to a shell corporation, we can declare the existing company as valued as less than it actually is?

Lawyer 2:  According to the letter of the law and as interpreted in most jurisdictions, yes, it is legal and valid.

Lawyer 1:  Sounds like we would be skating close to the edge.

Lawyer 2:  We would be taking a risk by positioning ourselves such that a court could rule against the legality of the action. It is a bit of a grey area.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - skate close to the edge

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Are you really dating two women at the same time?

Friend 2:  It seems that way.

Friend 1:  And how do your "girlfriends" feel about that?

Friend 2:  Well, the first girlfriend and I never really made it clear that we would be exclusive.

Friend 1:  I think that when you are dating someone steadily that exclusivity is implicit in the arrangement.

Friend 2:  I suppose that I am skating close to the edge of proper moral conduct but as long neither of the women finds out about the other, then I am OK.

to skate close to the edge - Usage:


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to skate close to the edge - Gerund Form:

Skating close to the edge is often how lawyers win cases.

to skate close to the edge - Examples:

1)  ... law one knows not to be true, and this would extend to representations that skate close to the edge. Litigators always skate close to the edge, if not ...

2)  Thanks to various editors who didn't fire me despite me skating close to the edge at times.

3)  Malick isn't quite making a parody of Hollywood society, but he skates close to the edge at times.

4)  ... the letter of the bylaws that govern MP spending. But it agreed the party skated close to the edge.

5)  In order to do well, I have to skate close to the edge. And, I almost always want to hide that — it's not exactly living a lie, but there are serious ...

6)  Both are starting to skate close to the edge, however, when it comes to separating technology and media.

7)  Some of his cartoons seem to skate close to the edge, but with just enough distance to keep the identity of the butt of the joke open to ...

8)  Gervais likes to skate close to the edge of offensiveness but anyone upset by couplets like 'Please be kind / To the ones with feeble minds' has ...

9)  But do not allow anyone to damage business reputation, being ruthless with managers who skate close to the edge of ...

10)  ... don't do the nativity scene in quite the ordinary way, either. Some of these skate close to the edge of blasphemy — and some dive right in.

11)  Sweeney said his ruling applies to candidates for citywide races but added: "My suggestion is that you not skate close to the edge on this one.".

12)  "You're skating close to the edge with nutmeg,” says the 75-year-old waving a finger, “because one-third of the lethal dose is the optimum high.”.

13)  While Pigeon has long had a reputation of skating close to the edge in his activities as a lawyer, political advisor and lobbyist, until now, the ...

14)  ... emptied in recent weeks, sending the country skating close to the edge of default.

15)  When it comes to stripping people of their citizenship, she says the government is “already skating close to the edge with the existing law”.

16)  How many employees understand what it feels like to be skating close to the edge of emotional and financial collapse, month after month?

17)  Aunt Josie's Restaurant spent much of the past year — its 50th in business on Syracuse's North Side — skating close to the edge of closing up.

18)  We were always, you know, skating close to the edge of legality. We were underground, without a doubt.

19)  However, payday loans are pretty pricey and can be seen as a last-resort loan, used only by those skating close to the edge of financial chaos.

20)  There were plenty of signs that Whittier was skating close to the edge; a little due diligence would have unmasked his unpaid taxes and the ...