to sleep like a rock

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - sleep like a rock

"to sleep like a rock"

to sleep very deeply and restfully


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - sleep like a rock

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: You are looking really well rested this morning.

Colleague 2: Thanks. I was so tired after having worked so hard for the last couple of days that I went home, had a quick dinner and then went to bed and slept like a rock for ten hours straight. I didn't hear a thing. I don't think I even moved in my sleep. I awoke feeling extremely refreshed.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - sleep like a rock

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Why are you tip-toeing around?

Husband: I am trying to be quiet so I don't wake the baby.

Wife: You don't have to be quiet. Once the baby goes down, he sleeps like a rock. Do you remember that terrible thunderstorm last week?

Husband: Yes.

Wife: Your son slept right through it.

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to sleep like a rock - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   21   click for frequency by country

to sleep like a rock - Gerund Form:

Sleeping like a rock, she did not even here the thunderstorm.

to sleep like a rock - Examples:

1)  With four dives in one day, the sea air and the comfy beds, most people sleep like a rock.

2)  I just wanted to hit my bed and sleep like a rock. I dozed off in my seat. The office phone rang.

3)  ... usually is tired by school, homework, team sports, etc, that he sleeps like a rock when it's lights out at 9:30pm!

4)  ... to sleep, which was not till after a great deal of tossing, I slept like a rock of wood.

5)  ... started working out during the evening and when it was time for bed, I slept like a rock. Also keeping your room cool will also help.

6)  ... every hour through the night, such a relief to see daylight. I shall sleep like a rock tonight.

7)  ... the days being filled with good company and interesting places, insomnia disappeared and I slept like a rock which in turn gave me more energy and a better chance to ...

8)  The tablets make him sleep like a rock of wood till the next morning.

9)  It never really takes me more than 3 min to fall asleep and I would sleep like a rock or corpse to be exact till the very next morning.

10)  I have been sleeping like a rock, which is unusual for me as I'm normally a very restless sleeper.

11)  ... hardly heard anything below, as for the bed well, lets just say i slept like a rock with more than enough pillows than I've ever seen before.

12)  Sleep like a rock: If you sleep like a rock, you sleep very soundly.

13)  Just to break the routine, I may as well sleep like a rock and forget to set my alarm.

14)  ... be exhausted from attending kindergarten and playing around with his sister that he'd sleep like a rock.

15)  I took the first weekend call. Needless to say, the call left me sleeping like a rock the whole of the next day. 

16)  ... it was one of the best five day breaks I ever had. I slept like a rock every night. We ate well in our little camper-van.

17)  It is nice and quiet at boat station 3 and I always slept like a rock.

18)  I slept like a rock and woke up feeling great. 

19)  ... the bedside table will fill the room with a bright, eerie glow. I sleep like a rock, so it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

20)  ... you are very sleepy ahead of your bedtime and you have no doubts you will sleep like a rock, go to sleep earlier.