to sleep on it

Idiom Definition

"to sleep on it"

to postpone a decision in order to allow some time to think about the decision;

to allow your subconscious to process a decision or problem during sleep

Idiom Definition - to sleep on it


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to sleep on it

Gail is in her last semester of high school. She has been accepted to attend three different colleges. Gail has been trying to make a decision for three weeks. She has looked at the benefits of each college. She has filled out all the application forms but still she is not able to make a decision. Gail is sitting at her desk staring at the forms when her mother says ...

Mother:  Gail, the deadline for application to college is tomorrow. You must make a decision.

Gail:  I know, Mom, but this is a difficult decision.  I'm going to sleep on it tonight and make a decision tomorrow.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to sleep on it

Martha has just received some fantastic news.  After a series of job interviews and meetings and testing, Martha has been offered a wonderful new job.  The new job has many more responsibilities that her current job.  The new job also pays a much larger salary.  One big challenge is that the new job is in a different city so Martha and her family would have to move.  Whether or not to take the new job is a very very big decision.

Do you think that Martha should sleep on it for a couple of nights before making this big decision? 

to sleep on it - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   447   click for frequency by country

to sleep on it - Gerund Form:

Sleeping on a major decision can often result in wise decisions.

to sleep on it - Examples:

1)  I sleep on it when there is a major decision to make.

2)  You sleep on it if you want to postpone a big decision.

3)  He sleeps on it when he has a problem he can not solve.

4)  She sleeps on it when she needs to determine how to restructure the office.

5)  We sleep on it when we are not sure of the outcome.

6)  You (all) sleep on it because you (all) want to allow your subconscious minds an opportunity to process the information.

7)  They sleep on it when they are presented with a life changing decision.

8)  We decided we would sleep on it and make the decision the next day.

9)  I might start something the night before, sleep on it, and then come back and attack it the next day.

10)  Take some time, sleep on it, and then think about asking your professor for more feedback.

11)  Luckily we were given one night to sleep on it but no one was very confident.

12)  By now it was late, so we decided to sleep on it and try again in the morning.

13)  If you're not sure it's a fit, walk away and sleep on it -- you might change your mind in the morning. 

14)  So I decided to sleep on it, and when I woke up this morning I had my answer.

15)  Keep the emotions out of it. Sleep on it. Get all the points of view. Make the hard decisions.

16)  Did you compose it immediately? Or did you sleep on it, and write it later?

17)  Would you like to sleep on it a little longer, or are you ready to make this decision?

18)  I'll plan to revise after I've had a chance to sleep on it.

19)  Next time, I'll write into a word processor and sleep on it before barraging the community with my thoughts as they come to mind.

20)  My advice would be to sleep on it and see if you feel any more charitable in the morning.