slim pickings

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - slim pickings

"slim pickings"

to have very little of something available


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - slim pickings

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  We will soon have a crisis on our hands if we can't fill these five executive positions. What are you doing to help?

Colleague 2:  Everything I can but with all the other companies like ours expanding and hiring all the good talent, it is pretty slim pickings out there.

Colleague 1:  Well, if there aren't enough people to look at locally, perhaps we need to expand our search area.

Colleague 2:  OK. Let's go nation-wide. That should give us a chance to fill those vacant positions.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - slim pickings

A husband has just arrived home from the supermarket ...

Wife:  Oh good. You're home. Did you get the vegetables to make the salad?

Husband:  I managed to get a head of lettuce, three carrots and a bunch of radishes.

Wife:  That's it? We can't really make a decent salad with only that. What happened?

Husband:  I guess the produce shipments got held up by a blizzard somewhere so it was slim pickings in the vegetable aisle.

slim pickings - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   134   click for frequency by country

slim pickings - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for slim pickings.

slim pickings - Examples:

1)  ... said it was slim pickings for those who did not organise accommodation when the tour was first announced.

2)  ... while checking out the rental market, they soon found it was slim pickings for renters, even with financial backing and the right references. 

3)  Outside a string of niche titles on hand-held devices, it's been slim pickings. Nonetheless, there are still some great gems to play for RPG fans.

4)  After a few years of slim pickings, Kingston says she was excited by the range of roles on offer for an ...

5)  Food-loving Filipinos had slim pickings back then and the market was dominated by cheap fast food joints.

6)  ... something which is such slim pickings that only the birds can find anything worthwhile in there to eat.

7)  Where have all their world-class players gone? There are slim pickings these days.

8)  The genre of the novel, on the other hand, offers slim pickings in India whereas in Pakistan, the Urdu novel has truly come of age.

9)  ... other items that could prove of some value to them. From the slim pickings, they bring back to their camp site an assortment of bread, some fruits ...

10)  ... you're in a pretty tough market. It's not that there are slim pickings, far from it in fact. There are so many low-budget phones out there ...

11)  She says the renovations are going to make her rent unaffordable and it's slim pickings elsewhere. Really there is nothing that is affordable.

12)  ... the underwriting liability and the hyper-competitive equity-trading environment, have added to the slim pickings for the independents.

13)  ... for wild blueberry fans. Sudbury vendors who sell the berries say it's slim pickings for this year's crop. 

14)  The 2016 election campaign provides slim pickings for anyone who thinks taxes should be lower, red tape should be cut, ...

15)  ... also won bronze that year, but since then it has been slim pickings for South Africa's women.

16)  There is still a clear lack of listings available making it slim pickings for buyers and meaning there is a lot of competition for those properties ...

17)  I'll be honest, it's pretty slim pickings right now. There's not much available, some ...

18)  The first two months of the year tend to offer pretty slim pickings in terms of quality films.

19)  ... of $94 million... and we get an additional $550,000, that's pretty slim pickings. That's an increase of 0.3%, which is pretty minimal.

20)  ... said people looking for children's books would often find there were slim pickings, as those books tended to wear out before they became surplus.