to slip up

Idiom Definition

"to slip up"

to make a small mistake

Idiom Definition - to slip up


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to slip up

Two friends are talking just after one friend has given a presentation ...

Friend 1:  Great presentation.  What happened during your explanation of last quarter's results?

Friend 2:  I hadn't really prepared that well for that part of the presentation.

Friend 1:  I suppose that no one else would really notice your small error.

Friend 2:  I hope so.  It was only a small slip up.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to slip up

A guest is checking into a hotel ...

Receptionist:  I'm terribly sorry, sir, but your room isn't quite ready yet.

Guest: What seems to be the problem.

Receptionist:  There was a slight slip up with the reservation system but your room will be ready within the hour.

Guest: Thank you.



Usage Frequency Index:   1,493   click for frequency by country

THISIDIOM - Gerund Form:

Slipping up and then recovering seems to be a part of life.

THISIDIOM - Examples:

1)  This doesn't provide a safe environment for the occasional slip up, and so we tend to try and be perfect.

2)  And if you slip up once or twice, express profound remorse.

3)  There's always the chance he'll get a bit too close to her and slip up, revealing his real name or previous life.

4)  And even if we slip up, it's not deadly.

5)  Even a split second slip up can result in a life-threatening infection transferred to a patient.

6)  If you slip up in a way that others might construe as sexist, APOLOGIZE. 

7)  That is, a player might intend to take an action but then slip up in the execution and send the game down some other path instead.

8)  But it would not surprise me to see them slip up.

9)  It is very difficult to distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate. Even experts slip up.

10)  I hope they slip up so they will get caught when they do something wrong.

11)  Don't be discouraged if you slip up and smoke one or two cigarettes. It's not a lost cause.

12)  One slip up doesn't make you a failure.

13)  They must have heard the caretaker slip up and spill a bit of information at one point.

14)  I don't know but I always slip up when trying to live according to the principles stated here.

15)  Seeing how even they slip up can help prevent you from making the same mistakes.

16)  We all slip up. We do dumb things sometimes.

17)  I know if you slip up and have gluten it can stay in your system for up to 6 months.

18)  I like the new names much better, but every now and then I will slip up and type Carol or Ron by accident.

19)  She was simply waiting for me to make another sound, for me to slip up and become her next gruesome meal.

20)  Issuing a warning allows teens to slip up once and then get back on track.