(to be) slow off the mark

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - slow off the mark

"(to be) slow off the mark"

to be slow to understand or react to an event or situation


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - slow off the mark

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: What's that? Was I supposed to be doing something?

Colleague 2: Do you not recognize a customer service emergency when you see one?

Colleague 1: Why? Is something going on?

Colleague 2: You are slow off the mark, aren't you? There are six emails in our in-boxes marked "Urgent - Customer Service Emergency".

Colleague 1: Oh.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - slow off the mark

A couple are talking ...

Wife: Your mother is coming to visit. Did she not call?

Husband: Sure. She called and said she would be here in an hour or so. And?

Wife: You said that you did not want her to know of our plans to open our own business. We have our business plan scattered all over the living room and kitchen. Do you think we should maybe pick it all up and hide it away somewhere?

Husband: Oh, ya. Good idea. I guess I am a little slow off the mark, huh?

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(to be) slow off the mark - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   71   click for frequency by country

(to be) slow off the mark - Gerund Form:

Being slow off the mark, he seldom understood what was required in the moment.

(to be) slow off the mark - Examples:

1)  He was a little slow off the mark simply because it's not a part of the culture.

2)  One reason the advertising community has been slow off the mark with the 50+ group is that they assumed that brand loyalty was ...

3)  come prepared ... with some good answers just in case your group is slow off the mark and you need to help them get started.

4)  The media here in New York has been accused of being slow off the mark to cover the demonstrations, which have been going on for more than three weeks.

5)  I felt that the Trust was slow off the mark in responding to the crisis but that it is now acting decisively.

6)  He reports that the responses were slow off the mark with only one quarter of hospitals managing to reply within the 20-day limit.

7)  French institutions have been slow off the mark compared with other European countries.

8)  So a week to Christmas and this year I have been slow off the mark. Yesterday was the last day for posting second class cards and I haven't sent any.

9)  Patten has a lot on his plate, which may explain why he was so slow off the mark on this affair, which he called a 'cesspit'.

10)  Chinatripadvisor was pretty slow off the mark, not knowing much more than anyone else before bookings opened.

11)  I have been suffering with the flu so have been slow off the mark here.

12)  ... that with the benefit of hindsight, and this is hindsight, the Treasury was slow off the mark in terms of addressing the problem.

13)  I've been pretty slow off the mark for a few events and have been left sniffling at my computer ...

14)  There is also a hint that the police were slow off the mark, possibly related to them being involved in a worldwide cheese-smuggling operation.

15)  This is Microsoft's first venture into the tablet market and although a little slow off the mark, they have certainly arrived on the scene with a serious contender.

16)  ... out of date when it comes to event reporting; even news websites can seem slow off the mark as well. 

17)  The smart money is on the move accordingly, and investors slow off the mark have already experienced burnt fingers in advance of the impending collapse of ...

18)  ... the soft-spoken composer, 44, acknowledged that he might have been slow off the mark to capitalize on the momentum with a world tour. 

19)  ... were slow off the mark and did not officially introduce it throughout the country until more than two years later.

20)  Apart from having to use outdated forensics our lawmakers seem to be slow off the mark in introducing legislation which would make crime fighting a lot easier.