to smoke like a chimney

Idiom Definition

"to smoke like a chimney"

to smoke very many cigarettes (or other tobacco products)

Idiom Definition - to smoke like a chimney


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to smoke like a chimney

Yesterday, Patricia and Nancy visited their friend Daniel.  When they entered his house it was filled with cigarette smoke.   There were ashtrays full of cigarette butts everywhere.  While the two friends visited, Daniel smoked cigarette after cigarette.   Later when Patricia and Nancy were talking, Nancy remarked to Patricia...

"It´s quite something.  Daniel smokes like a chimney!"

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to smoke like a chimney

Ned is in the middle of a poker game with his friends.  They are all smoking cigarettes.  There is a cloud of smoke hanging over the poker table.  Grace is talking on the telephone with a friend.  Grace tells her friend that Ned and his friends...

"are smoking like chimneys."

to smoke like a chimney - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   44   click for frequency by country

to smoke like a chimney - Gerund Form:

Smoking like a chimney is probably bad for your health.

to smoke like a chimney - Examples:

1)  I smoke like a chimney when I am nervous.

2)  You smoke like a chimney when you drink.

3)  He smokes like a chimney when he is distracted.

4)  She smokes like a chimney when she is nervous.

5)  We smoke like chimneys when cigarettes are cheap.

6)  You (all) smoke like chimneys when you (all) have a party.

7)  They smoke like chimneys if they have enough cigarettes.

8)  Had she smoked like a chimney until the doctor forbid it?

9)  She was smoking like a chimney when the cigarettes ran out.

10)  Until we became ill, we had been smoking like chimneys for twenty years.

11) Drink until you lose consciousness and smoke like a chimney

12)  Incidentally, to the other joker who quoted me, I smoke like a chimney and according to government guidelines I'm a binge drinker.

13)  I'd rather spend some money joining a gym than smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish or buy cannabis.

14)  I drink a lot and smoke like a chimney, rendering my organs worthless for transplant.

15)  I smoke like a chimney. That's my vice.

16)  Someone who smokes very heavily smokes like a chimney

17)  So tell me, do you still smoke like a chimney? Or has that faded?

18)  So while I complain to the landlords, my downstairs neighbors still smoke like a chimney.

19)  Am I going to be smoking like a chimney all day tomorrow?

20)  She will have smoked like a chimney by the time the party ends.