so much for someone or something

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - so much for someone or something

"so much for someone or something"

that is the last of someone or something;

there is no need to consider someone or something anymore


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - so much for someone or something

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Have you heard? The third-quarter results have been posted and the company has lost money again.

Colleague 2: So much for a bonus again this quarter.

Colleague 1: That is too bad. I was really hoping for some extra money so that I could take my family on a vacation.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - so much for someone or something

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: So much for going camping this weekend.

Friend 2: Unless we want to sit in our tents and watch the rain.

Friend 1: Maybe the weather will be better next weekend.

Friend 2: We can always hope.

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so much for someone or something - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   6,168   click for frequency by country

so much for someone or something - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for so much for.

so much for someone or something - Examples:

1)  I declare that the professor has no brain! (So much for the student's pretense of respect, clearly his goal is to ridicule.)

2)  ... friend of his still and he has 2 kids that are biologically his. So much for being infertile.

3)  The CBO has acknowledged it is correct but refuses to change its reporting. So much for the vaunted independence of the CBO. 

4)  ... have been smothered on the altar of registry profits and trademark protectionism. So much for the real history. The Alternative History.

5)  Too late to little from the biggest Media Pin Head around. So much for his Haaarvarrdd education. The man is an out of touch jerk.

6)  ... and expected to still be in service for as much as a decade. So much for relying on new technology -- Obama has halted production of the high-tech replacements.

7)  ... they'll just "fall over" once the temperature gets to 37C. So much for evolution and survival of the fittest.

8)  have now scored just two touchdowns in their past 10 quarters of play -- so much for thinking "touchdowns not field goals." " It's frustrating, ..."

9)  So much for that "tough" bit of legislation. Another example of your poor understanding ...

10)  ... the debt gets even higher and workers would get paid less (so much for trickle-down economics). 

11)  ... small group quite willing to force upon others against their expressed will.  So much for liberty! So much for individual self-determination!

12)  ... you'll pay starting at 70 will be higher and stay higher forever. So much for helping the government limit its Medicare spending!

13)  ... agree with the ST, you see, they are liars or self-deluded. So much for their evidence. That's why Bailey feels no responsibility as a scholar to ...

14)  ... the crews took a week to restore 40,000 people's homes with electricity. So much for having a freezer to store food. 

15)  Plus, you've already been caught lying many times -- so much for your pronouncements -- nobody cares what you say. 

16)  So much for trying to be a good sister. My friends are better than her.

17)  ... us Mexicans have the knowledge to spell correctly and to use proper punctuation! So much for being a U.S citizen who doesn't know how to spell. 

18)  ... they steal, shred and vandalize your support signs from your own property. So much for the tolerant LEFT! 

19)  We have lower voting rates than 'less educated' populations elsewhere -- so much for civic engagement. 

20)  As a result of that freeze, car sales fell off the cliff. So much for receivables.