(to be) soft-hearted

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - soft-hearted

"(to be) soft-hearted"

having feelings of kindness and sympathy for other people


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - soft-hearted

A husband and wife are talking as the doorbell rings ...

Wife:  That will be the pizza delivery. Could you get it please?

Husband:  Do you have any cash?

Wife:  Where's your cash?

Husband:  I passed a homeless man outside my office building and he looked so needy and forlorn that I gave him all my cash.

Wife:  You are so soft-hearted.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - soft-hearted

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Did you get time off to visit your ailing grandmother?

Colleague 2:  Sure. I just explained to the boss that my grandmother was not well and the boss said she understood that family comes first and that I could take all the time I needed.  The boss really is very sympathetic.

Colleague 1:  Yes, the boss is quite soft-hearted.

(to be) soft-hearted - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   184   click for frequency by country

(to be) soft-hearted - Gerund Form:

Being soft-hearted, she brought the poor suffering stray dog home.

(to be) soft-hearted - Examples:

1)  ... found that I had lost the power of sympathy. I had formerly been a soft-hearted man -- I remarked now that the sight of suffering found me entirely callous.

2)  No other War Crimes Tribunal in the world has been described with such soft-hearted sympathy for the perpetrators of a large-scale genocide.

3)  He is a soft-hearted person and is greatly affectionate towards his wife Manisha.

4)  She seems to be an extremely soft-hearted person who sees the good in everyone and truly believes people can change.

5)  And also realized that Kirk, despite his gruff demeanour, was a soft-hearted, true friend.

6)  ... of like you like to pretend to be a clown, but you really are soft-hearted and generous!

7)  The world needs more soft-hearted sitar-playing poets, anyway. And the Canadian university system is fine for that.

8)  Abu Bakr is a soft-hearted person and when he stands at your place, he will weep.

9)  ... an armed uprising now stands exposed as little more than the conceit of those too soft-hearted to accept the existence of true evil.

10)  ... they have vulnerabilities and can be mired in bureaucracy. Their leaders are not soft-hearted do-gooders.

11)  Running and jumping is what a horse does best and all the soft-hearted, bunny-hugging sentimentality in the world won't alter that. 

12)  She had no more smiles. Not even a false one to trick a soft-hearted Scorpion.

13)  He's a soft-hearted guy who tries to make himself hard.

14)  My dad cried. He's a soft-hearted guy.

15)  Though stern of appearance, he was a soft-hearted man, a good teacher.

16)  I'm a soft-hearted person who often has many emotions... and I cry easily.

17)  For you to say that your heart was broken is evidence that you are a soft-hearted person. And soft-heartedness is synonymous with Islam.

18)  The soft-hearted man would eventually give in to his wife's indulgence.

19)  My wife understands that I'm a soft-hearted, giving person. 

20)  The other camp is made up of gullible daft stoners and soft-hearted limp-wristed couch potatoes who believe what they hear on the TV and in movies.