to sow your wild oats

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - sow your wild oats

"to sow your wild oats"

to do foolish or wild things, usually as a youth, often to gain sexual experience


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - sow your wild oats

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Have you heard? The manager has quit his job, bought a motorcycle and is planning to take it around the world.

Colleague 2: That's crazy. What is he, fifty years old? Don't people usually sow their wild oats when they are in their teens and twenties?

Colleague 1: I guess he never got the chance to do wild and crazy things when he was a young man so he is taking this opportunity before he gets too old.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - sow your wild oats

Two mothers are talking ...

Mother 1: I haven't seen your daughter for a while.

Mother 2: She is off sowing her wild oats in Jamaica. Her last email told me how she has taken up with a young local man and that they are having a wild affair.

Mother 1: When is she coming home?

Mother 2: She told me she would have some fun with her Jamaican man and then go off to another country and find another experience.

Mother 1: I guess she will gain some really good experience and hopefully get all the wild and crazy stuff out of her system.

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to sow your wild oats - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   94   click for frequency by country

to sow your wild oats - Gerund Form:

Sowing his wild oats, he had several encounters with women.

to sow your wild oats - Examples:

1)  ... think it is okay for a guy to go out and "sow his wild oats" as it were, yet when a woman seeks to do the same thing, it is not OK.

2)  ... (even have a holiday fling). Better to sow a few wild oats now than be miserably married, for both your sakes. 

3)  A man has to sow wild oats for his sexual development.

4)  There are many saying that we plan first of all to sow a few wild oats: "Let me taste some of the great pleasures of the kingdom of this ..."

5)  ... to "sow their wild oats", as it were and date more than one woman at a time.

6)  I remember when I was a girl that boys were encouraged to sow their wild oats, and girls were told to keep their legs together.

7)  ... to go off and have adventures, to sow their wild oats, to seek their fortune. There is far less cultural precedent for women doing ...

8)  ... party that men for ages have used as the final occasion to sow their wild oats before tying the knot to one woman's bedpost forever.

9)  Crix took the opportunity of our absence to sow his wild oats and his litter included a little ball of white fur that could barely stand, ...

10)  Optimum male evolutionary strategy: sow as many wild oats as possible. Optimum female strategy: invest heavily in each child and choose males ...

11)  In effect, the parents allow their children to sow their wild oats so that upon baptism, the young people will be reminded of the sins and ...

12)  ... however, he proposed to sail about, and sow his wild oats in all four oceans.

13)  She expected to sow her wild oats in New York for a while and then move back to North Carolina to settle ...

14)  If she needs to sow those wild oats, let her do that. If she's ever ready to settle down, ...

15)  But they are both so young and need to sow some wild oats before settling down, so it's probably better in the long run. 

16)  "I thought I would sow my wild oats early," Putnam said. He did drink, smoked a little marijuana ...

17)  ... girls too, it was a chance for an unfettered and exotic fling sowing wild oats before settling back into the oblivion of suburbia, marriage, mortgage, kids and ...

18)  I wasn't there then. I was sowing my wild oats, too, so that was all right.

19)  The summer after the breakup, I spent a lot of time sowing my wild oats and making up for lost time (I am a sheltered girl who never really ...

20)  He'd spent his twenties sowing his wild oats but felt that it was time to settle down.