to spill the beans

Idiom Definition

"to spill the beans"

to reveal a secret often by accident or with intentions that are not good

Idiom Definition - to spill the beans


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to spill the beans

Jane and Elizabeth are having a nice visit. They are talking and gossiping about their friends ...

Jane:  Guess who I saw the other day?

Elizabeth:  Do tell!

Jane:   I saw George.

Elizabeth:  And?

Jane:  Well...

Elizabeth:  Oh, come on Jane.  Spill the beans!  I can keep a secret.

Jane continues, telling Elizabeth that she saw their mutual friend, George, passionately kissing a woman who is not his wife.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to spill the beans

Ned was working in his backyard one day.  Ned looked over the fence to see his neighbor disposing of used motor oil in a hole in the ground.  Ned knows that this is a violation of environmental protection law. 

Do you think Ned should spill the beans?

Do you think that if Ned spills the beans that there will be trouble with his neighbor?

to spill the beans - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   988   click for frequency by country

to spill the beans - Gerund Form:

Spilling the beans can cause a lot of trouble.

to spill the beans - Examples:

1)  I spill the beans when I inadvertently reveal a secret.

2)  You spill the beans every time you have a secret.

3)  He spills the beans when he sees a coworker stealing office supplies.

4)  She spills the beans when she tells her best friend that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

5)  The computer company spills the beans when it wants to build interest in a new software release.

6)  We spill the beans when we are not careful with what we say.

7)  You (all) spill the beans every chance you get.

8)  They spill the beans if they want to get someone in trouble.

9)  He has spilled the beans so now the trouble begins.

10)  She has been spilling the beans about her friend's affair all week.

11)  Microhard has been spilling the beans about their new software release all week.

12)  Did he spill the beans last year when he discovered the truth?

13)  He had been spilling the beans for a year before anyone would believe him.

14)  Will we spill the beans to the professor tomorrow?

15)  Will the government spill the beans about a new tax incentive tomorrow?

16)  That's what I thought he meant. Will somebody spill the beans already?

17)  It's probably best to wait until about halfway through the pregnancy before you spill the beans about what lies ahead.

18)  You never know the real story and no one is going to spill the beans.

19)  Ask my primary girlfriend and I'm sure she'll spill the beans on what a sap I am when I think others are suffering.

20)  I'm enough of a realist to know that someone would spill the beans quickly anyway, just to prove that they could.