to spit in the eye of

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - spit in the eye of

"to spit in the eye of"

to show extreme contempt or scorn for


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - spit in the eye of

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I offered the client what I thought was a good deal and he spat in my eye.

Colleague 2:  Really?

Colleague 1:  Yes.  My client told me I was an idiot and that I insulted him with such a ridiculous offer.  He threw the proposal on the table, told me to never contact him again.

Colleague 2:  That was rude.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - spit in the eye of

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I think that we should spit in the eye of conventional marketing strategy and offer unlimited free customer service to anyone that asks.

Colleague 2:  That is a bold move.

Colleague 1:  It does show a certain disregard and scorn for conventional strategies. I am sure that our competitors will not like it.

to spit in the eye of - Usage:


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to spit in the eye of - Gerund Form:

Spitting in the eye of your spouse after they have offered an apology is not a good way to have a good relationship.

to spit in the eye of - Examples:

1)  Ole Miss clearly lacks institutional control -- it spit in the eye of the rules and was unabashed about doing so, daring someone ...

2)  The Toronto Raptors do not merely spit in the eye of prosperity. They run from it like it's a four-alarm ...

3)  ... despite the weak opposition, which explains why various advanced metrics practically spit in the eye of their undefeated record.

4)  You spit in the eye of every Canadian veteran who fought for FREEDOM!

5)  ... response to a people deep in struggle. The thought of privileged blacks is a spit in the eye of the "underprivileged" badge we so rightfully wear.

6)  ... unapologetically wasteful behaviour displayed by a public institution in the present trying economic climate is spitting in the eye of the many students they relentlessly attempt ...

7)  offers zero permanent economic gains to Marshfield and destroys my family's property value while spitting in the eye of our hard work with "just compensation".

8)  If this gets into the hands of foreign nationals it would be an abomination and spitting in the eye of all those who fought and died for this country.

9)  ... operators to ignore, disregard or disobey the ruling of the court will amount to spitting in the eye of the Court".

10)  Louw says the leaders of today are spitting in the eye of democracy, letting down Nelson Mandela and other struggle stalwarts.

11)  ... just short of an apology. For if Cooper had apologized, he'd have spat in the eye of the integrity of Leyendecker's exquisite capture of the male form ...

12)  ... they have turned their backs and spat in the eye of all other Serbs, recognized Kosovo, just so they can ...

13)  ... and frustrated queers who eschewed respectability in the name of a greater responsibility, spat in the eye of mainstream society, and showed me that it's possible to ...

14)  What Mambush and his wife did not know was that his act of rebellion spat in the eye of that alliance.

15)  This isn't the first time that global teen media has spat in the eye of the kids who make it tick.

16)  Republicans rewarded a candidate who loves to whip up the savageness of man, who spits in the eye of gentleness.

17)  way to lose weight, gain fitness, and test ourselves. Adding a motor spits in the eye of all of those goals. We think of motorized bikes ...

18)  Hence the flurry of road upgrades. Just shows poor planning and spits in the eye of every city planning scheme being undertaken in the developed world.

19)  ... and forced to develop a touch-based operating system that confounds billions of users, and spits in the eye of millions of developers and specialists whose livelihoods have been built on ...

20)  The duet, in sharp contrast, is powered by underdog defiance. It spits in the eye of everyone who judges people without knowing them.