spoiling for a fight

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - spoiling for a fight

"spoiling for a fight"

to be very eager to argue or fight


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - spoiling for a fight

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  I would avoid the boss today if I were you.

Colleague 2:  Why?  Is she angry and upset about something again.

Colleague 1:  No. Just the usual argumentative bad mood.

Colleague 2:  I hate it when she is spoiling for a fight. There is absolutely nothing you can say to avoid trouble.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - spoiling for a fight

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  What is it this time?

Husband:  What do you mean, this time?

Wife:  You often come charging in upset about something and you obviously just want to start a fight. I do not have the energy to fight with you today.

Husband:  I am not spoiling for a fight but I do have some issues to discuss.

Wife:  Come back when you have calmed down.

spoiling for a fight - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   92   click for frequency by country

spoiling for a fight - Gerund Form:

Spoiling for a fight is his default setting.

spoiling for a fight - Examples:

1)  ... are already spoiling for a fight, signaling a possible spat with Jubilee should they share a podium.

2)  He was born throwing punches. Spoiling for a fight is his default setting, especially in the company of journalists.

3)  ... a decision which did not sit well with other legislators who were spoiling for a fight with the Presidency ...

4)  It seems to me you will always have hard-line interests spoiling for a fight because they have a very particular view about privacy protections available ...

5)  ... has become an ideological battleground, with both sides spoiling for a fight.

6)  ... didn't want to argue with him. He was spoiling for a fight as he accused me of not believing him and siding with our ...

7)  ... has decided to enlighten people on the best way to handle online trolls spoiling for a fight.

8)  ... run away or clench your fists, because it might mean they are angry and spoiling for a fight.

9)  About 200 metres away, two big bulls were spoiling for a fight, trumpeting and circling each other.

10)  ... pick fights but where people see that as a strength, I see it as spoiling for a fight where other people will suffer.

11)  ... the latter specifically for women spoiling for a fight after someone has stolen their man.

12)  ... is spoiling for a fight and that kind of response has got to be driving him crazy.

13)  ... was the troublemaker who was always spoiling for a fight.

14)  At the beginning he can be heard goading two men who clearly approach the bouncer spoiling for a fight and arm themselves with a bottle.

15)  ... no stranger to legal clashes, is undoubtedly spoiling for a fight.

16)  He'd been a "known bully," he said, always spoiling for a fight.

17)  Both sides were spoiling for a fight and a small skirmish on the lower tier provided the excuse.

18)  ... sensing that he was spoiling for a fight, sent a quick note pleading with him not to take issue ...

19)  But the judge said he found that McLeod was spoiling for a fight and deliberately armed himself with the scissors and intended to use them.

20)  Pay disputes are best settled through negotiation, so we need the government to stop spoiling for a fight and to start talking.