to spread like wildfire

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - spread like wildfire

"to spread like wildfire"

to disseminate or circulate very quickly


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - spread like wildfire

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Is it true that the boss ran off with his secretary?

Colleague 2:  You've heard that rumor already? I just heard the story from the secretary's friend.

Colleague 1:  You know that these sort of salacious rumors spread like wildfire. I am sure the whole office will know about it by lunch.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - spread like wildfire

Two medical doctors are talking ...

Doctor 1 :  Looks like we have an outbreak of staphylococcus on the second floor.

Doctor 2:  We had better do something very quickly. These sorts of infections can spread like wildfire and before you know it, we will have to quarantine the entire hospital.

to spread like wildfire - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   733   click for frequency by country

to spread like wildfire - Gerund Form:

Spreading like wildfire, the rumor of a company closure was known by everyone by the end of the day.

to spread like wildfire - Examples:

1)  The news spread like wildfire and people started thronging Diwate's office.

2)  As a result, brandy, originally used for medicinal purposes, spread like wildfire with the soldiers criss-crossing Europe in the wars of the period.

3)  ... by a trio of poverty, pollution and over-population, causing disease to spread like wildfire and reducing historic life expectancies.

4)  The movement spread like wildfire and made its way across to Oz practically overnight. In Australia, ...

5)  The disease then rapidly spread like wildfire to the neighbouring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

6)  It is damning stuff that has spread like wildfire - globally.

7)  Only a couple of years ago, the incident would have spread like wildfire through word of mouth. Now, actual videos of the incident became viral on ...

8)  ... the no-fee student uprising spread like wildfire across campuses forcing government to reconsider free tertiary education.

9)  Now, with the online campaign having spread like wildfire since the turn of the year, people everywhere from Denver to Dundee and California ...

10)  By then, the news had spread like wildfire and a crowd had gathered outside the hotel. 

11)  However, with the passage of time the rumours of their friendship spread like wildfire in the entire area.

12)  Indeed, the song has spread like wildfire, hitting the top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic, ...

13)  The news of the incident spread like wildfire. More than 500 locals gathered at the spot within 30 minutes. 

14)  The news of a big cat resting near a ditch spread like wildfire and a huge crowd assembled by the time police and forest officials arrived.

15)  ... why sea turtles get the disease, or why it's starting to spread like wildfire. Indeed, other parts of the world are recording similar outbreaks, including Florida ...

16)  Thanks to a boost from some mainstream Web sites, the theory spread like wildfire across the Internet. 

17)  ... but remember, Lenovo wants this tech to spread like wildfire and has priced the Phab 2 Pro at a very tempting ...

18)  What started as a self-published comic spread like wildfire, becoming one of the biggest cultural icons of the turn of the decade.

19)  If not cleaned properly, diseases like norovirus can spread like wildfire. The infected germs can travel 12 feet in 30 seconds.

20)  These are all embedded in moral fraud. Moral corruption has spread like wildfire and accepted as civilization.