to square away

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - square away

"to square away"

to get someone or something arranged or properly taken care of;

to complete all necessary arrangements for something or someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - square away

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Have you got all your paperwork organized for when Jan takes over when you are on holidays?

Colleague 2: Yes. All squared away. There are separate piles for each project area. I have color coded them and attached notes where necessary. I have also made a list of all important contact numbers.

Colleague 1: Great. Sounds like all will be well in your absence.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - square away

A couple are talking ...

Husband: Is your mother all settled in the guest room?

Wife: I have her squared away. I put out some towels and a bathrobe. I put an extra blanket in the closet. I set the night light and made sure she knows her way to the bathroom.

Husband: Good. I hope she is comfortable.

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to square away - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   243   click for frequency by country

to square away - Gerund Form:

Squaring away the last of the paperwork, he leaned back and admired his organized desk.

to square away - Examples:

1)  You'll need to get your beans, bullets, and Band-Aids squared away, pronto. Most important, you'll need to be prepared to ...

2)  steeled her resolve with her determination to do her job properly. Once she'd squared away what she'd been working on before, she dug into the odd-looking files ...

3)  All squared away and set up for the finale on the main stage, ...

4)  The next big step is some of the practical things we need to square away, including the future of the IBC and MPC.

5)  My hydration levels are fully squared away, I know exactly when I'm thirsty and NOT hungry.

6)  After you have your budget squared away, you need to decide how large of a screen you want.

7)  We've finally gotten everything squared away and are now just waiting for my next cycle to start.

8)  Being squared away and handling my business didn't hurt either. 

9)  First let us get our accounting unit squared away. To measure anything in the floating paper dollar will get us nowhere.

10)  ... on some level other than direct boy contact but he is anxious to get himself squared away wherever he has been negligent. 

11)  I'm all ready. I think it's been all squared away and in good shape. 

12)  You just wish someone would come along and tell you that everything is squared away and there's nothing to worry about.

13)  I've got that lesson squared away, check that box for good parenting. 

14)  ... paralleled with emergency preparation and getting things squared away for disasters big and small.

15)  Who they play is to be determined, but all that will be squared away in two days, at the most. 

16)  I know I'm obsessing, but with everything else all squared away (even the laundry!), it feels funny to leave one thing undone.

17)  Try and get everything you can squared away before the accelerator program starts.

18)  Booking everything from home makes it easy. You have your accommodation squared away so won't have to worry about dealing with that on the road.

19)  Gillard is getting things squared away for an election in February or March, I think.

20)  ... for basically the rest of the week. Right now I have things pretty well squared away - breakfast is eggs with sausage and bacon and a protein shake, lunch ...