to stand behind

Idiom Definition

"to stand behind"

to support or believe very strongly in someone or something;

to guarantee

Idiom Definition - to stand behind


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to stand behind

A company director and a manager are discussing a report the manager has produced ...

Director:  As you know, I will be presenting the contents of your report at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Manager:  Yes, I understand.

Director:  I need to know that the information is absolutely accurate.

Manager:  I have spent weeks checking and re-checking the data.  I am absolutely confident with the findings of the report.

Director:  Do you guarantee the contents of your report?

Manager:  Absolutely!  I stand behind my work one hundred percent.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to stand behind

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Can you recommend a really good ESL English teacher?

Student 2:  Sure.  Robert Ross is a fantastic teacher.

Student 1:  Are you sure?

Student 2:  I'm absolutely sure.  I stand behind Robert completely.

to stand behind - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   4,236   click for frequency by country

to stand behind - Gerund Form:

Standing behind something means that you support it 100%.

to stand behind - Examples:

1)  I stand behind my best friend regardless of the situation.

2)  Does the company stand behind its products?

3)  He is not standing behind the new government policy.

4)  We have stood behind many policies.

5)  Has the company been standing behind its new product since the product was introduced?

6)  She stood behind the outcome of the investigation yesterday.

7)  The company stood behind its CEO yesterday.

8)  I am a firm believer in having the courage to stand behind your convictions.

9)  When that person comes forth with the message, we have to stand behind them.

10)  Although the short-term increase in demand will probably not meet these expectations, we stand behind our long-term estimates.

11)  If a person doesn't have the stomach to stand behind what they say, then it probably shouldn't be said.

12)  The only question left was whether the Security Council had the moral courage to stand behind its own resolution.

13)  Someone to speak out and up someone we can stand behind and support.

14)  On Tuesday he met with labor leaders and liberal groups, telling them he would stand behind his campaign pledge to make top earners pay more in taxes.

15)  Obama Said in debate he will stand behind them but his actions in the last 4 years have not supported that.

16)  And I stand behind what I said about the likely outcome of a pre-emptive US nuclear strike.

17)  I stand behind Jason, his heartbeat, and his movements.

18)  We are the Party that created Medicare. We should stand behind it. We should protect it.

19)  Once again, I stand behind earlier comments that Congress and our government continue to spend without checks.

20)  These are my opinions and while I stand behind them right now they may change.