to stand up to

Idiom Definition

"to stand up to"

to remain certain of and strongly express your beliefs regardless of the opposing authority

Idiom Definition - to stand up to


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to stand up to

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: How was your meeting with the boss?

Colleague 2: Not very good. I never seem to be able to say what I really believe.

Colleague 1: Why is that?

Colleague 2: I suppose that the boss frightens me a little and then I feel unsure of my ideas.

Colleague 1: Then you should stand up to the boss. Find the courage! Maybe if she hears your ideas clearly, she'll like them.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to stand up to

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: What are you and your girlfriend doing tonight?

Friend 2: Whatever she says we're doing.

Friend 1: Seriously?

Friend 2: Yes. I just do whatever she decides but I'm getting a little tired of never doing anything I want. I'm afraid to confront her because she is so pretty and I'm afraid she'll dump me.

Friend 1: Maybe if you stand up to your girlfriend, she'll appreciate you more.

to stand up to - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   10,823   click for frequency by country

to stand up to - Gerund Form:

Standing up to your boss can be dangerous.

to stand up to - Examples:

1)  More people need to stand up to the fraud-in-chief and start calling him out for his arrogance.

2)  But Arizona has a senator with the courage and character to stand up to a president who is wrong. 

3)  The only alliance, so far, which has been able to stand up to defend public education successfully has been the alliance of parents and teachers together.

4)  The idea does not stand up to scrutiny.

5)  Do we have the courage to stand up to the social engineers of this century and say enough.

6)  And thank you Obama for failing to stand up to them like you said you would.

7)  The entertainment industry is exactly what is needed to get people to stand up to the discriminatory law.

8)  The popular myth that middle age Europe was superstitious and anti-science simply doesn't stand up to empirically verifiable evidence from the historical record.

9)  Time that we as conservatives got behind someone that is going to stand up to this scumbag and his dirty minions.

10)  As these difficult times approach, some people will admonish governments to stand up to markets.

11)  I will not wait until the last months of my presidency to stand up to China.

12)  But I'm glad to see someone's over it and not afraid to stand up to her.

13)  Be prepared to stand up to your boss in an assertive way when the workplace issues require it.

14)  Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he lacks the courage to stand up to the tea party.

15)  If anything, this article tells those who are bullied that it's OKAY to stand up to someone who intends to hurt you.

16)  One needs to have the confidence in themselves to stand up to any doctor that states it is all in their head.

17)  Because the analysis just doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

18)  I wanted to find the real undiscovered gems that could stand up to scrutiny once passed into professional hands.

19)  You can never build a cost effective infrastructure that you can guarantee will stand up to the wrath of mother nature.

20)  Mr Grieve simply will not stand up to the bullies of Strasbourg.