to step into

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - step into

"to step into"

to intervene or involve yourself in some matter, affair or dispute


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - step into

A manager and one of his team members are talking ...

Manager:  Looks like there is a vacancy in the distribution department. It's a supervisory role. Do you think you are ready for the job?

Team Member:  I believe that I am.  I have been watching carefully and taking notes for the last year.

Manager:  So, you're ready to step into the job.

Team Member:  When do I start?

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - step into

Two parents are talking about their two daughters ...

Mother:  Jan and Fran have been fighting a lot lately.

Father:  Well, they are children after all.

Mother:  But they have been getting really angry with one another. In the past we have always let them work out their issues but I am getting worried.

Father:  Do you want me to step into their fight and help them resolve their issues?

Mother:  I think it is time that you intervened.

to step into - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   11,501   click for frequency by country

to step into - Gerund Form:

Stepping into a dispute at the office is a boss's responsibility.

to step into - Examples:

1)  I decided to step into the debate myself.

2)  ... can step into the role of managing people in their communities during emergencies.

3)  ... that accepting stories online seems like a bold step into a brave new world ...

4)  ... tell us one thing you can do TODAY to step out from the middle and step into leadership with your business or career.

5)  If I need to, I can step into whatever position is needed.

6)  I became a part of the team Girls' Generation, and stepped into the entertainment business ...

7)  There is a reason nobody has already stepped into this market and I think you have hit on the major issue.

8)  Many of the rebels who stepped into power proved to be just as tyrannical, and instability followed in almost every ...

9)  Additionally, he would have stepped into a situation that is ready-made for a national title run ...

10)  The same day of the House vote, the president himself publicly stepped into the fray.

11)  ... the Congressional Budget Office said on Thursday, stepping into a dispute between Republicans and Democrats over how ...

12)  Would it be better or worse than what I was stepping into?

13)  It's almost like you are stepping into a brand new world.

14)  Tyler Russell is stepping into the full-time quarterback role for MSU this fall.

15)  We're stepping into uncharted territory.

16)  ... as the rest of the world steps into the gap created by a crippled EuroZone.

17)  ... she steps into the role of the Savior at his departure ...

18)   ... in which the titular character steps into a debate between a hippie and a rich businessman to tell them they're ...

19)  Here, for example, is a paper that steps into the stem cell biology of the hydra ...

20)  As the behemoth industry steps into the digital era, entertainment execs will be paying even closer attention to the ...