to stick to your guns

Idiom Definition

"to stick to your guns"

to remain steadfast in your opinion or method of doing something even when others criticize or oppose your opinion or method

Idiom Definition - to stick to your guns


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to stick to your guns

Sally has been working on a very important presentation for the last two weeks.  Sally will give the presentation to a group of prospective customers and, if everything goes well, the customers will give Sally's company a very large contract worth a lot of money.

As Sally is finishing the preparation of her project, Sally's boss tells Sally that he thinks the presentation is too long and the content is not suitable.  Each of Sally's coworkers comes to tell Sally the same thing.

Sally has done her research and she really believes that she has the right idea for the presentation.  As a result Sally sticks to her guns and gives the presentation as she thinks is correct.  The result is that the prospective customers give the contract to Sally's company.

It's a good thing that Sally stuck to her guns.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to stick to your guns

Recently, a suburban community of a large city was approached by the large corporation, Dal-Mart, with a proposal to open a huge box store in their community.  The majority of the community did not want a big box store in their community but Dal-Mart really put the pressure on.  Dal-Mart spent huge amounts of money on advertising and influencing the local community politicians.

The people of the community stuck to their guns and marched in protests and wrote many letters to their local politicians.  As a result, when a vote was held at the city council meeting, the proposal from Dal-Mart was denied and the suburban community lived in peace without the giant box store.

to stick to your guns - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   1,354   click for frequency by country

to stick to your guns - Gerund Form:

Sticking to your guns can show strength of character.

to stick to your guns - Examples:

1)  I stick to my guns when I am sure of my opinion.

2)  You stick to your guns if you are stubborn.

3)  He sticks to his guns even when all around him are opposed.

4)  She sticks to her guns because she knows she is right.

5)  The company sticks to its guns at all times.

6)  We stick to our guns even when it seems we are losing.

7)  You (all) stick to your guns because you (all) have the strength of your convictions.

8)  They stick to their guns even in the face of insurmountable odds.

9)  Is he sticking to his guns through this current crisis?

10)  Is the company sticking to its guns during this current labor crisis?

11)  We were sticking to our guns during the meeting yesterday when the boss denied job sharing.

12)  I had stuck to my guns until the opposition grew too strong.

13)  Will she stick to her guns at the custody hearing tomorrow?

14)  Social Services will be sticking to its guns throughout the entire hearing.

15)  Enjoy yourselves, smile a lot, and stick to your guns - you have every right to be there!

16)  All you have to do is stick to your guns in negotiations, and you're laughing.

17)  You have to stick to your guns and, with a fearless courage, you move on.

18)  If you don't trust him enough to have his baby then stick to your guns and tell him why.

19)  I was taking the stance that you should stick to your guns, and those that want to join in will do so.

20)  State your opinion and stick to your guns.