(to be) strapped for cash

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - strapped for cash

"(to be) strapped for cash"

not having any money;

having very little money


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - strapped for cash

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: Are you ready to go out for lunch?

Colleague 2: I brought a bag-lunch today. Payday isn't until the end of the week and there have been some unexpected bills recently so I am a little strapped for cash.

Colleague 1: It is only temporary. Come on. I'm buying.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - strapped for cash

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: It is strange. I have a pretty good job that pays a pretty good salary yet I always seem to be strapped for cash. I never seem to have any money.

Friend 2: Have you thought of preparing a personal budget?

Friend 1: That is a good idea. If I make and stick to a budget, then I might have a little money left over once in a while.

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(to be) strapped for cash - Usage:


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(to be) strapped for cash - Gerund Form:

Being strapped for cash, she stayed home and ate macaroni and cheese.

(to be) strapped for cash - Examples:

1)  If the Jays are strapped for cash and the extra $3M per year could really make a difference between affording ...

2)  Now both countries are short of oil, strapped for cash -- and about to waste their remaining resources on another stupid war.

3)  ... how you pay your bills and manage your regular expenses, you may avoid being strapped for cash each month.

4)  She's probably not strapped for cash if she can drop 100 grand on plastic surgery.

5)  I was strapped for cash in university and refused to take out a loan.

6)  We recommend you avoid buying any TV that's not high-def unless you're really strapped for cash.

7)  If you're strapped for cash, ask your professor if you can use a previous edition of the textbook.

8)  Poor Jenna, if she's strapped for cash one prays she can come up with some way to make fast money.

9)  ... just want to have a baby of their own without the added stress of being strapped for cash

10)  ... a position where I thought paying off our debt was impossible because we were so strapped for cash, ...

11)  This means that in a time where people are already strapped for cash, they'll have even less to pay the bills. 

12)  My belief is that non-profits who are always strapped for cash should not be paying for software. 

13)  One of those practices was alteration by later, lower-income owners often strapped for cash and in search of a cheap fix. 

14)  If you wish to look more stunning on your wedding day but are strapped for cash, consider renting diamonds. 

15)  ... is now genuinely strapped for cash, which is why the Government is slamming on the spending brakes.

16)  I was strapped for cash for a few months until I got a job with another production company.

17)  Not everybody is strapped for cash but this negative outlook thwarts everybody's spending. 

18)  Who in their right mind if strapped for cash would pick a wedding over a mortgage deposit for a house?

19)  A recently split-up couple may be strapped for cash individually for obvious reasons.

20)  If you are strapped for cash and traveling abroad by yourself you can look into staying at hostels.