to stretch the truth

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - stretch the truth

"to stretch the truth"

to be technically honest but to distort the truth in order to make someone or something seem better than it really is


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - stretch the truth

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I think I have gotten myself into big trouble. I told the boss that I was completely proficient with the new platform in order to be involved with the new project. And now he has put me in charge.

Colleague 2: Did you stretch the truth a little as to the degree of your proficiency?

Colleague 1: Maybe a little. I am pretty good with the system but I will need to spend a lot of long nights really studying up on it before I am anywhere near being proficient enough to lead a team.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - stretch the truth

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: I really want to find a good job. Do you think I should stretch the truth on my resume?

Friend 2: Padding your resume or exaggerating your experience is probably not a good idea. HR pros and recruiters will get to the truth at some point, and you will likely be disqualified from consideration for the job.

Friend 1: Yes. You are right. I will just stick to the facts.

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to stretch the truth - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   263   click for frequency by country

to stretch the truth - Gerund Form:

Stretching the truth, he overemphasized the role he played in the success of the project.

to stretch the truth - Examples:

1)  ... keep your answer short and neutral. Tell the truth - Don't stretch the truth and don't lie. For example, if you were sacked from ...

2)  ... but let's not forget that politicians are known to stretch the truth.

3)  And of course, people are more likely to stretch the truth in a tough job market.

4)  ... find them both to be pretty decent people with strong personal values. Do they stretch the truth from time to time? Undoubtedly. 

5)  Also, I tend to stretch the truth for dramatic purposes on Facebook and Twitter.

6)  ... your friends to your local political leaders, it seems that everyone is trying to stretch the truth in order to make them either look better or to protect someone from ...

7)  It makes us weary of a world where people manipulate and stretch the truth for personal gain.

8)  And while it's easier to stretch the truth over text, fibbers should heed that so too comes greater consequence.

9)  It has happened that realtors may stretch the truth in certain circumstances to make the numbers work better for the new owner.

10)  ... the cyborg argument falls apart under shallow scrutiny. Many of the documentary montages stretch the truth with claims that they already enable living cyborgs.

11)  Politicians sometimes stretch the truth or lie to benefit themselves or party.

12)  Your claims can be instantly counter-checked, by anyone. If you stretch the truth, you can be exposed - by anyone.

13)  Why is it so tempting to stretch the truth? Is the truth not interesting enough? When you exaggerate does it ...

14)  Again, do not stretch the truth on your marketing material, over-promising and under-delivering is unforgivably bad business practice.

15)  Be Honest -- Unfortunately in our eagerness to make the sale, we sometimes stretch the truth or completely abandon it.

16)  Keep your answers as honest and straight forward as possible. If you stretch the truth about your abilities, chances are you will be found out.

17)  ... that the myths have become a great money making scam by people who like to stretch the truth.

18)  When you stretch the truth that far, it becomes difficult to believe any of the story.

19)  But don't hesitate to stretch the truth as far as it would go, or hide the unflattering bits.

20)  If you stretch the truth or embellish it you can quickly be eliminated from consideration.