to string someone along

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - string someone along

"to string someone along"

to maintain someone's attention or interest, usually insincerely;

to fool or deceive someone


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - string someone along

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1: I think I am going to have to quit my job.

Colleague 2: Why? You are really good at your job and some of your ideas have made the company a lot of money.

Colleague 1: I started as an intern. I was paid minimum wage and within the first six months, the caliber of my work was as good as or better than senior account managers. I waited another eighteen months to be offered a full-time job. Apparently, the company was just not doing well enough until then to give me a real job. That was almost two years ago. I still don't have any health benefits, work out of a cubicle in the assistant's area and keep getting promised a better salary and benefits and an office but nothing ever materializes. I am convinced that management is simply stringing me along until they get whatever they can out of me. They are never going to take me seriously so it is time for me to move on.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - string someone along

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1: When is your "man" every going to leave his wife and get serious with you?

Friend 2: I am starting to believe that it will be never. There is always some excuse from him like, "When the kids are a little older." or "After my wife recovers from her illness." or "This is just not a good time." There is always some sort of excuse for him to not get serious with me.

Friend 1: Perhaps it is time to stop allowing him to string you along? Perhaps it is time to make an ultimatum; either he leaves his wife or you are ending the relationship.

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to string someone along - Usage:


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to string someone along - Gerund Form:

Stringing the poor guy along she pretended to like him until she found someone better.

to string someone along - Examples:

1)  He may be quite happy stringing you along, having you on standby for when he's at a loose end.

2)  It sounds to me like she's stringing you along and being a bit manipulative.

3)  They need the help and don't have time for candidates who string them along. Job offers come with expiration dates.

4)  Is it not of benefit to them if a player doesn't string them along any more and decides to move to the Republic of Ireland?

5)  ... employee turnover rates and don't care. They can hire someone else tomorrow and string them along till they get what they want from them, cut their hours, ...

6)  It's a really effective way to string you along through the story, revealing more and more of the mystery as you ...

7)  ... they will happily ruin your business too. They will drain your resources, string you along and never admit they are just out to get what they can, ...

8)  Sometimes the other person might try to string you along keeping you in their pocket and you'll need to recognise this if ...

9)  ... your feelings or to get a better negotiating position with another supplier, customers will string you along, making you think you may be selected when, in fact, ...

10)  ... so instead of putting you out of your misery and ending it, she'll string you along until she meets someone to replace you.

11)  I've certainly had enough of dramas that string you along and then leave you hanging.

12)  ... around on some poorly paid insecure deal for too long and don't let people string you along on promises of a better position.

13)  All this was after I went to some large firms and they tried to string me along with garbage.

14)  I swore to myself in July that no friend of mine would get to string me along again with nice words whilst ultimately hurting me with their actions.

15)  ... worthy of being an intern looking for work experience. Just an empty vessel stringing us along to satisfy her own ego. 

16)  collective red face, a new conspiracy theory arose. Had those IT people been stringing us along for their own profit? There was a lot of suspicion ...

17)  Nothing has been said yet that makes me believe they are doing anything more than stringing us along some more. Is this real or is it just window dressing as ...

18)  ... to just leave this place and get unemployment benefits because I know they will keep stringing me along and using the hiring freeze as an excuse. 

19)  I may have the lead story tomorrow even though some very important person strung me along all day and still didn't end up granting me an interview.

20)  He and I were friends on and off for years and I know sometimes I strung him along when I was lonely and it wasn't fair to him.