stuffed shirt

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Idiom Definition - stuffed shirt

"stuffed shirt"

a boring person, with a sense of self-importance, usually male, who always behaves in a very correct old-fashioned way


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - stuffed shirt

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Oh, no! Not another meeting with that old windbag of a director.

Colleague 2:  What choice do we have?  Even though he is so disconnected from reality, he is still well regarded by all the bosses.

Colleague 1:  I suppose we will have to review all the old-fashioned etiquette and be prepared for a long boring talk.

Colleague 2:  Well, at least we only have to be subjected to that old self-important stuffed shirt once a year.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - stuffed shirt

Two friends are talking ...

Friend 1:  Listen. I've arranged for us to have drinks with that human resources director I was telling you about.

Friend 2:  You mean the one who thinks he is so important.

Friend 1:  Yes, that one. Remember that he also likes to follow the old-fashioned rules of social intercourse so please do mind your manners.

Friend 2:  I suppose that if it means the chance at landing a great job that it is worth spending an hour with a stuffed shirt.

stuffed shirt - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   41   click for frequency by country

stuffed shirt - Gerund Form:

Being a stuffed shirt, the Minister of Silly Walks spoke at length about the proper length for a man's pants.

stuffed shirt - Examples:

1)  People appreciate authenticity and if you are feeling a little like a stuffed shirt then it will come across.

2)  ... poet's impressing other poets with erudition. It's a stuffed shirt practice in which political, social proprieties take precedent.

3)  She hopes that this book will take away some of the 'stuffed shirt mystery' of science and show that it is at the heart of good ...

4)  Frankfurt, hang out with a bunch of stuffed shirt financial types. Boooring.

5)  Read this book and you will know that classical music is not the stuffed shirt that many believe it to be. Barber's history is especially humorous for ...

6)  ... just the thought of being her own boss, not having some stuffed shirt or silly little fart telling her what to do had been enough to lure ...

7)  It doesn't surprise me about Romney because he's always struck me as a stuffed shirt. He's arrogant, and it's hard for me to get past ...

8)  ... instead of that situation, Hustler is saying, let's deflate this stuffed shirt, let's bring him down to our level.

9)  stuffed shirt. n. Informal a pompous or formal person.

10)  ... seemed to get right after his last race in the London Games was when a stuffed shirt of an Olympic official made him surrender the baton he carried on the anchor ...

11)  As we later learn, he's not at all the bureaucratic stuffed shirt we presume upon first seeing him.

12)  He stands WITH people on the podium, not OVER them like so many other stuffed shirt politicians.

13)  and have a sense of humor, don't confuse good manners with being a stuffed shirt and overly reserved, so to speak. That's just boring.

14)  ... up and sending them off to worthy causes, get it in writing lest some stuffed shirt bureaucrat or bean counter come around and claim you took company property ...

15)  An utter stuffed shirt who really enjoys his wealthy lifestyle, and hobby of avoiding taxes without getting ...

16)  Where does this stuffed shirt get off criticizing everyone based on his warped perception?

17)  Obama is duplicitous fraud, a corporate shill, and a mere stuffed shirt ushered forth to give the governed the illusion of having a competent leader.

18)  ... he's proven himself to be no more than the rest -- a stuffed shirt with feigned morality.

19)  ... why would you want to imprison a perfectly innocent economist with a bunch of stuffed shirt art critics, that's really cruel and unusual punishment.

20)  In an instant, my son wrote him off as a stuffed shirt, pompous academic who had to make a boastful impression on a group of ...