stumbling block

Idiom Definition

Idiom Definition - stumbling block

"stumbling block"

a hindrance or obstacle which prevents or obstructs progress


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - stumbling block

Two colleagues are talking ...

Colleague 1:  Well, it looks like the new order-entry system is ready for implementation.

Colleague 2:  We still have one stumbling block remaining. How are we going to implement the new system without interrupting service?

Colleague 1:  That is definitely an obstacle. I think I may have a solution. We hire extra staff and run both systems simultaneously.

Colleague 2:  So now the stumbling block is hiring and properly training temporary staff.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - stumbling block

A couple are talking ...

Wife:  That old dead tree in the backyard is starting to cause problems. It is dropping dead branches on the neighbors garage.

Husband:  Then I suppose we will have to cut the tree down.

Wife:  But there are a couple of stumbling blocks to that idea.

Husband:  What are they?

Wife:  We don't own a chainsaw and we really don't know how to cut down a tree.

stumbling block - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   2,126   click for frequency by country

stumbling block - Gerund Form:

There is no gerund form for stumbling block.

stumbling block - Examples:

1)  Honestly, the Wii was my only real stumbling block with Nintendo, and I still applaud it for what it tried.

2)  For the people, inadequate transportation was more of a stumbling block than an actual hindrance to the settling of western territories.

3)  ... who do view entitlements as a big stumbling block to deficit reduction and putting this economy in a healthier position.

4)  But the new definition, too, was to be for many long years a stumbling block and a temptation, and it plunged the Church into yet another lengthy dispute.

5)  ... thinking seems to be that, because algebra is such a stumbling block for many students, we should throw up our hands and despair of ever ...

6)  Benefit systems that penalize shorter terms of service are a stumbling block for second-career teachers; ...

7)  Most often if a teacher has problems with a student, that teacher becomes the biggest stumbling block or threat to the student and his true potential grade.

8)  Their main stumbling block to surrender was the United States' insistence on unconditional surrender.

9)  ... is generally not going to help him. Until you find out the specific stumbling block, you are not likely to tailor an answer that addresses his needs, ...

10)  Since Iran and its nuclear program remain a major stumbling block in international politics, ...

11)  ... borrow money to buy a new set of wheels, credit isn't the major stumbling block anymore. Loan approvals are up from last year in every credit category, ...

12)  ... that something needs to be done about global warming and climate change. The first stumbling block, however, has been trying to get an agreement on a framework.

13)  ... constantly working to get out of my own way. I can be my biggest stumbling block and it's difficult to change.

14)  The unbelievably high interest rates charged by Kiva are a real stumbling block for me. 

15)  ... or difficulty blending the sounds of letters into words. But the most common stumbling block tends to be the phonic irregularity of many English graphemes.

16)  Their insistence on a policy of prior approval would be major stumbling block during the entire shoot.

17)  ... it would be a great stumbling block, or rather would be the one unanswerable objection, to our whole critique ...

18)  That's what makes them adventurous. This can be a major stumbling block to most people and fear about an uncertain outcome can be a huge deterrent ...

19)  The business community has never been the stumbling block when it comes to revenues, it's always been the Tea Party.

20)  I'm surprised nobody has done it yet, there must be some stumbling block I'm not aware of.