to surf the net

Idiom Definition

"to surf the net"

to visit many different pages on the Internet (World Wide Web)

Idiom Definition - to surf the net


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Idiom Scenario 1

Idiom Definition - to surf the net

Two students are talking ...

Student 1:  Have you finished writing your term paper?

Student 2:  No.  I'm only about half finished.

Student 1:  What's the problem?

Student 2:  I can't seem to find enough information for my topic.

Student 1:  Have you tried looking on the Internet?

Student 2:  I surfed the net for a couple of hours yesterday and couldn't really find anything useful.

Student 1:  I suppose you should head over to the library then.

Idiom Scenario 2

Idiom Definition - to surf the net

Two friends are talking on the phone ...

Friend 1:  What are you doing?

Friend 2:  Not much.  I'm just surfing the net.

Friend 1:  What are you looking for?

Friend 2:  Nothing in particular, just looking at random pages.

Friend 1:  Let's get together then.

Friend 2:  Alright.  Come over for coffee.

Friend 1:  See you soon.

to surf the net - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index:   828   click for frequency by country

to surf the net - Gerund Form:

Surfing the net can be a fun and interesting diversion.

to surf the net - Examples:

1)  Ask friends or surf the Net and then call the instructor.

2)  My idea of a good time is to take a break and surf the net in search of outrageous business promotion ideas.

3)  There are many more ways for people to not work than to surf the net.

4)  iPad or Android Pads can surf the net anywhere, anytime.

5)  It also has built-in Wi-Fi and HSDPA and enables you to surf the net and check your emails.

6)  They do however surf the net, watch popular TV and engage with reality shows.

7)  I expect I will teach grannies to surf the net in my spare time while serving coffee at Starbucks during the day.

8)  What is more, many business people work from home or surf the net after work -- an audience approaching TV proportions.

9)  We want it to be practical to surf the net on the Wii.

10)  Are they happy that if their guests want to surf the net for free, they must go next door to Starbucks.

11)  Customers will be able to surf the net for lowest available prices.

12)  On average, British children around the age of nine had been allowed to surf the net without adult supervision despite possible online threats.

13)  They claim that most of their patrons just want a quiet place to surf the net and hang out.

14)  If you want to surf the net, even the library isn't safe any longer.

15)  Information about computer applications in nutrition education is rising dramatically as students and consumers surf the net for' technical information' on food and nutrition topics.

16)  They also offer free wi-fi if you want to surf the net while you're there.

17)  I wonder how many people are being paid tax dollars to sit around and surf the net.

18)  There are several people in my department who frequently talk and surf the net all day long.

19)  I could connect to the networks of factories on the way. So I could surf the net while in the traffic.

20)  Free WiFi # If you're looking for a place to surf the net or a place for a working lunch, look no further.